Nervous Habits

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. Do you have any habits that you go to when you are nervous?

    For example, when I get nervous I have to crack every part of my body. I also bite my nails, not just my nails, but destroy my cuticles. I guess the slight feeling of pain relieves the stress?

    I have found ways to prevent it by wearing a hair band around my wrist and snapping it instead.

    Do you have any nervous habits? And if so, how do you deal with them?
  2. When I get nervous my neck and shoulders tense up pretty bad... I start rubbing my neck, and in public, I likely look like a drug addict. lol
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  3. I can't think of anything. Wanna give me an example of a nervous moment? :dawg:
  4. I usually have to shit if I'm really nervous. Sad but true.
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  5. Talking to a girl you like, maybe an upcoming test in h.s. or college. Stressing over bills, etc.
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  6. Ah alright. Then I do what you do. Crack your fingers and neck. I also stretch and take a deep breath. After I do that, I can do anything.
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  7. You have a nervous stomach. A lot of people get that.
  8. I get into imaginary shouting matches in my head with people that I anticipate getting angry with as a result of being nervous. The best thing being that this usually ends up preventing such a thing from happening, because I have already got it out of my system before the eventual confrontation. And I calmer sooner.
  9. When I'm nervous I tend to look at my surroundings for a short period of time and tap my feet.
  10. Depending on surroundings I chain smoke and badly one goes out another gets lit.

    Or I run my hand through my hair and half hug myself leaving my right hand on my left shoulder. Its a bit strange.
  11. tap my feet, start shaking my legs, making the 'packing dip' motion without the actual dip can.
    those are my usual go to habits.
  12. lol I do the packing dip thing too, just for the noise though.
  13. I have a counsel in my head consisting of Yoda, Hulk Hogan, Iron Shiek, Stone Cold, Randy Savage, Solid Snake, Ice Cube, Mario, Steve Vai(although he just sits there and does facial expressions) and Chris Benoit. I get into fights with them until the situation is over.
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  14. Depends on what I'm nervous about. I might get sweaty pit syndrome or swamp ass, if I'm talking to someone I may look at the ground more than I should, shake like I'm cold, etc.
    Totally shook like a leaf after my first IWT promo, not being sure how it would be recepted, but its not an issue anymore. I just type whatever and say fuck it.
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  15. I fidget with shit
  16. Gross, that's very unsanitary :eww:
  17. Shit? I thought it was sterile. Maybe I was thinking of piss.
  18. It sounds odd, but whenever something starts to bother me, my first inclination is to wonder off into the kitchen and fix something to eat.
  19. I wish I were a nervous eater. When I get nervous I tend to not be able to eat anything
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  20. Scratch my head
    bite my nails in a similar way to @Danielson
    go quiet
    Fidget with anything and everything
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