Netflix Instant Discussion (Recommendations + Netflix Talk)

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. You find things on Netflix that you want to share with the rest of the world? Any shows you want to watch but aren't sure? ANYTHING ABOUT NETFLIX?
  2. Isn't it something where you pay to watch shows? Anyways, to watch shows you can find other sites to watch them for free
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  3. Breaking Bad, Louis Theroux (i think thats his name) weird weekends: Older show but theres an episode about wrestling where he goes to the WCW Power Plant and stuff, Really good.
  4. remove kebab
  5. Doctor Who, classic and new. Forward Unto Dawn, Batman Beyond, and a bunch of other superhero movies are what I watch on netflix.
  6. You should try "Orange Is The New Black", it's been pretty good so far.
  7. Firefly and Serenity are really good old classics, but I doubt many here will like it.
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  8. Man on wire is one of the coolest doc/bios ive ever seen. Pretty sure it scored a 100 on rotten tomatoes, and IMO deserves it. Ill have to look at my list and start adding them in a bullet format to make it easier. Netflix instant is one of the most worthwhile things ive wasted money on for years. I love it.
  9. That's sketchy as hell though. I like watching it on a big screen in HD.
    I'll torrent for shows/movies that aren't on it though.
  10. exactly. We are talking 8$ a month. Skip out on a 6pack of beer once a month and enjoy tons of movies/docs/tv you most likely never would have heard of. The wrestlign content alone they added is worth at least one months pay, and the amount of time i waste in the documentary area saves me more than enough to pay for the monthly tab.

    Also side note, you can have your netflix on accounts all over the place. For 2 years (this was before everyone i knew had netflix) my lady friend used it, 2 of my friends did (one on wii and one on ps3, as i use xbox...she was on pc) and i also had an xbox at my parents house they could have used (didnt) to watch at the same time as me.

    So if you are really that poor, split it with a buddy.
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  11. Awesome program right there. Has to be one of my faves so stupid it got canned.
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  12. Yeah, it was stupid. It was so fuckin' great, dude. I think it was due to poor advertising so no one really knew about it because I know I've never of it until my friend told me about it years ago.
  13. I agree with advertising I only watched it at the time as I'm a Joss Whedon fan and it was his show so I was gonna watch. Otherwise I doubt I would've heard of it.
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  14. I want to know why there isn't a show everything option? There are some hidden gems on there that don't show up, i'm sure of it.
  15. Show everything? Not sure what you mean by that.

    But I know Netflix constantly takes shit off. They took off all their South Park shit a few weeks ago and they had their South Park stuff for years. Also, my friend and I were watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and all of the sudden Netflix took away more than half the seasons we were going to watch together. So, I use Hulu Plus right now because it's more reliable and doesn't just randomly take shit off. My boyfriend told me its because Netflix has licenses for the shows they have and when they're expired, they take the show off. Ugh. I don't see why that's necessary.
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    Show everything. Show every movie opposed to the genres option. There are movies that don't show up browing that way, and I don't like it. I use websites to find movies that are on netflix because a lot aren't shown in their browsing options.

    They lost their licence with viacom. They've lost almost 1,800 titles from it's libarary because they also lost MGM, Warner Bros, and Universal.Amazon got that deal. It's not random, it's buisness and i'm sure Hulu will have that same issue when their licence expires.

    Why I hate Hulu - They still give you ads for their premium subscriptions. That's hot garbage, and to me it takes away from their current season deal. I have direct tv and a dvr which I can fast forward through ads. I only see the benefit if I didn't have dish.
  17. Lmao, I'm not really sure I care about all that. I just want to watch my shows and since Netflix can't do that for me, I'm using Hulu.
  18. Netflix is just taking the fight like Hulk Hogan. Letting Hulu get the upper hand, then at the end of the year Hulu will lose all of it's shows and Netflix will wind up and get them all.
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  19. Word, i wasted my time
  20. OHHH YEAH!
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