Kayfabe Never Give Up.

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    *It's Saturday Night! Which means it's time for Precision, so far it's been a monumental night, with the new signings of Tyson Blade and Jack Rouge making their presence known and 4 great matches advertised on tonight's card. The crowd are chatting among themselves, suddenly the lights go green, red and white and Will Neilson's theme song starts to play...

    *Will looks to be in a more happier mood than last week, he is currently 1 and 4 in Precision and hopes to turn that around tonight, he appears without Rhys Haze and begins his walk to the ring, he climbs in and asks for the nearest microphone and begins to talk.*

    Will: 'Never Give Up' ...... a saying that has been passed down my family for generations and generations, and trust me that is what I will do tonight and what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. *Crowd cheer quite loudly, Will smiles before continuing.* Tonight I'm in a triple threat match with my old friend Spike Cox and fellow Money in the Bank participant Cali.. wait does this guy not have a first name? Oh well, I'm not one to judge people's names... anyway last week I lost to Spike Cox, but this week I will beat Spike Cox and show you all that he can be stopped! As for Cali, I wish him good luck, he looks like a formidable foe, and I'm expecting a great match tonight from all three of us.

    *Crowd cheer again for Will, and start chanting 'We want Rhys!' Will smiles again and responds to the crowds question.*

    Will: Rhys? Oh he's backstage preparing for his upcoming steel cage match against Chrissy 'Pissy' Parks. Just remember to give him all the support he needs tonight, he's in for a tough ride. Last week he may have lost... however this week is redemption for Rhys. From an amazing friend of mine, to a bitter rival of mine. Antonio Stark, you have a number one contenders match tonight for the Undisputed World Championship, your facing Chris Young, a very respectable wrestler in and out of the ring. All I can say is.... may the best man win. Speaking of Antonio.... how about you come out here and we talk face to face, hermano to hermano. No Rhys... No Chris... just me and you.

    *With Will calling out Antonio, it doesn't take long for music to start playing.... but it isn't Antonio's....

    Will: *Talking over the music.* What?....

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  2. *The music slowly dies down as a high pitched laugh goes off and the arena goes dark...as the lights come back on a weird pattern is lit on the ground and Doomsday is bent down in the middle of it*
    Oh, you were expecting Antonio right? Well guess what you've got something much better. Will you're so happy and get the crowd on your side...it's a shame you can't win though haha. Anyway I'm here to make my mark and oh trust me I'm gonna make my mark on you.
    *The high pitched laugh plays again as the lights go out as Will was about to get out the ring. The light comes back on and BOOM Doomsday starts beating down on Will until blood starts to drip from his mouth*
    This is my world Will! Everything is mine!
    *Doomsday picks up will and hits an End Of Days against the barricade so Will's head smashes right against it. Picking up Will, Doomsday then pushes him and spears him right through the barricade, after every thing he does to Will Doomsday lets out a sadistic scream*
    I can almost taste the pain and fear in you!!!
    *For a moment Doomsday just stares at the lifeless body on the floor and gets on his hands and knees and starts crawling towards Will with wide eyes and a smile that only the devil could love on his face*
    You all think I'm crazy but really I'm the taste on insanity this place needs. I'm not done with you! It's time for a little fatality don't you think?!
    *A table with barbwire around it is pulled from under the ring as well as a baseball bat with barbwire covering everything apart from the handle. Will is picked up by his hair and SMACK right around the face the baseball bat reigns it's terror but Doomsday then continues to hit around Will's body making him bleed from there too. Finally the table is set up so its on an angle against the corner of the ring and Will is dragged along the floor and pushed into the ring leaving a trail of blood like a paintbrush. Dragged by his hair Will is barely moving as he's picked up and Doomsday picks him up and spears him into the barbwire infested table. Blood begins to drip from Doomsday face and he wipes it off and spread it across his chest screaming like someone from an insane asylum*
    *The lights go out and once again when the lights come on a child appears*
    You've been warned hehe
    *The lights go out and Rhys rushes out with a medical team to take care of his destroyed ally. A pool of blood lays under Will and everyone is wondering what the hell is going to happen next, but even after all this the crowd are starting to chant "Doomsday gonna kill you" it seems the universe are starting to get into what Doomsday is doing with himself*
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    *Most of the crowd are in shock, Will Neilson is definitely out, blood is everywhere. In his hair, around his face, on his chest and any other imaginable place. Rhys can't believe what has just happened and Will is being treated to by over 7 medical staff aswell as Rhys, some of the locker room comes running out to check on Will, even Antonio Stark, who is in absolute disbelief and horror. He picks up the microphone and starts talking to Chris.

    Antonio: YOU...... ABSOLUTE PSYCOPATH!!! I know I told you to take out Will but not like this! Look at him, you COULD HAVE KILLED THE DAMN MAN!!! Jesus Christ Chris, what has become of you?! You know what.... just get out.... get out before I come down there and MAKE YOU GET OUT! You know what... Fuck this and Fuck you, I'm coming to get some.

    *Antonio gets out of the ring and walks to Chris, Chris starts walking to him aswell, but the locker room splits both men apart, they are kept apart for 2 minutes and are about to be led backstage when suddenly Will Neilson picks up a microphone covered in blood and starts talking.*

    Will: Tony.... leave.... him.... next week.... Me.... vs.... Chris Parks.... in a special.... type of match.... a match... that will.... drain us of all our life.... Death... match.

    *Will drops the mic and collapses down to the floor again, he is still drenched in blood as more medical staff fill the ring, Rhys and the locker room lead Antonio and Chris off and Chris picks up a mic before walking out.*

    Chris: Challenge accepted.

    *Chris spits blood out of his mouth at Rhys and is led off by the locker room with Antonio, security guards surround both men. Suddenly, Ryan Blake appears and gets in the ring with the medical staff, he's shocked and is apologising to Will to what Chris has done, he is faced with a tough decision. Leave it all.... or give Will what he wants, a Deathmatch (Pretty much No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere and old school ECW combined into one.) against Chris Parks.*

    OOC: All of this was given the okay by Anarchist and Chris, @TheFrostyBlur if you can, next week No Holds Barred (or Deathmatch.) Me and Chris please, we're gonna end the The Last Heroes vs. Antonio and Chris rivalry.
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