Never smash a spider

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. I get these in my house. Not only are they big they are fast (and the bite hurts like hell). One thing people don't realize is that they are "field spiders" so they do not make webs. They carry the babies on their backs in a dark sack. You never ever EVER want to wack any kind of hunting spider for this reason.

  2. Imagine this with roaches.[​IMG]
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  3. :cenanope:
  4. Humans need the ability to have 1000 babies at a time. Will teach 'em hos to abort.
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  5. Luckily, we don't have those here.
  6. Field spiders live everywhere but where it is cold all year round. You may not have wolf spiders but I am sure you have other field ones.
  7. We don't. I live in Serbia. Not even spiders wanna live here. lmao
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  8. "What is this midly aggresive spider I found in Prishtina, Kosovo (Serbia)."

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  9. That's right - Kosovo. Not Serbia. :ko:
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  10. :notsure:
  11. I am reporting you for your sexist racial remarks. How do I cancel my account? I can't stand you idiot teenagers any longer.
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  12. Um, smash it with your shoe or your foot next time as I do instead of a damn broom. Kinda hard for a hundred baby spiders to start running around if they were as flat as a pancake just like their mother.
  13. Babies that small, some would still survive. If you are going to smash a wolf spider, spray it with something first like hair spray to make sure the babies get killed.
  14. This is why everyone should have a flamethrower.
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  15. Hairspray + lighter = :win:
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