Extreme Rules Neville vs Austin Aries

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    Who's winning this? These guys have faced so often, surely now is the time Aries wins the belt.
    A submission match seems more beneficial to Aries as well. Thoughts?
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  2. I love Neville and what he can do but tbh it's time to put the belt on Aries. It's a submission match and Aries has had a finisher as a submission, compared to Neville's new..orbital hook? I'm unsure what it's called, but you most likely get the point. Nevertheless though, I hope when/if Austin wins the belt that they redesign the CW division a bit. Get rid of all the purple, and get rid of 205 Live (or adjust it a little bit, because it's failing horribly rn). This would make the cruiser-weights feel more a part of RAW. Also, I'd personally really like if they let the cruiser-weights wrestle people that weigh more than 205 pounds, aka, regular people on the RAW roster.

    But again, I got Aries winning this match.
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  3. Aries wins via Last Chancery and finally dethrones Neville.
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  4. I hope Neville retains through any means necessary.

    He's the only champion in WWE that has actually been
    booked like a champion in the last 6 months.
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  5. would like Neville to win
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  6. Aries wins. Neville has had his run. Time to move on. Hopefully Kalisto w/ the Titus Brand gets the title next
  7. 3 failed attempt would make Aries look week and that division needs to make as many guys look strong as possible. Im going for an Aries win then maybe bring up Kendrick as the challenging heel, then either move Neville to the main main roster or use him to elevate another babyface.
  8. Before the piece of crap go home show this past Monday I personally had Austin Aries penciled in as one of the potential locks in regards to Extreme Rules. There's no doubt Neville has had an incredible run throughout his title reign but all things must come to an end and, well, how many more losses can Austin Aries really take, right? I mean, should he lose come Sunday, how can they justify him getting another title shot after what would be three failed attempts, right?

    After RAW went off the air, though, I must admit I found myself a bit confused and second guessing the outcome this Sunday only because of the approach WWE took. Case and point, did any of you not find it a bit odd that WWE booked Neville to submit to Aries clean, in the middle of the ring on the go home show, six days before their championship match at Extreme Rules? Would they have Neville tap twice in less then a week, clean no less? Granted, it's not like it's some written rule or anything but this isn't how WWE usually books these situations, which is why I am kind of second guessing Aries win.
  9. I like another dirty win for Neville here, actually. Keep the King to carry the Cruiserweight division and get A-Double the hell away from it.
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