Spoiler Neville vs Dallas Amazing Spot

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  1. If you don't want to know the latest NXT results, don't watch this. I just want to highlight the amazing finishing maneuver in this match.

    My god......
  2. Hi gravity you forgot someone again.
  3. Not a fan of finishers like this. It's too circus-y for me.
  4. These guys seem like they have great chemistry in the ring
  5. I'm usually not either, but this one fits his gimmick very well.

    In fact, I'm usually not a fan of gimmicks like Adrian Neville's, but he's proven that he can wrestle a solid, cohesive match that tells a pretty good story and makes sense, so I give him a pass.

  6. Cool, I guess.

  7. I like to think of it more as.......showing off, you know....
  8. The move looked awesome, when he climbed the corner in moonsault position I knew he was up to something of that nature. It's cool when someone has a finish that they use mostly to win big matches.
  9. Neville is too gymnastics-y for me.
  10. He does exaggerate sometimes. When he does that handstand deal to get from one corner from the other it annoys me a bit too.
  11. isn't that kinda like saying, he's too Ninja-y for me?
  12. Neville and Dallas are huge stars in the making.
  13. Ninjas do badass shit, gymnasts just tumble about.

    ninjas have cool skills like this

  14. Oh wow... yeah so super cool. :troll:
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  15. I kinda hope so

    keep telling yourself that
  16. Not as easy as a stud like Nick makes it look.
  17. I like the Red Arrow better
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