New 3-Man Stable Coming?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Mar 15, 2014.

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    Fuck yeah, that would be sweet. Their segments would be so funny and all 3 would get over. The Shield got to put them over before they split.
  2. could be a decent midcard-upper midcard act.
  3. I'd love that so fucking much. I mean I think all 3 of them should be doing shit on their own but this could be entertaining as hell.
  4. Miz has as much reason for being disgruntled as Punk had for leaving the WWE.. ZER-0!
  5. kayfabe disgruntled
  6. I'd be disgruntled too if I won over Fandango twice in a row I guess.. idk if they're really planning it needs to be a more prevalent build up.
  7. Do you expect it to come out of nowhere? Not even 3MB came out of nowhere. It'll have some level of buildup
  8. I mean I've seen it with Dolph now for quite some time, the plans make it seem like it's coming shortly after WM but I haven't seen anything with Miz other than a few wins over Fandango and Zack Ryder getting his own show on the network.
  9. Miz spent a couple of weeks coming out cutting promos about not being used on shows. They'll most likely revive that.
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  10. They've already started to build it. Ryder did that youtube video and Miz used to come out during bad matches. They should announce they're a team on RAW after Mania. Damn, this would be so good.
  11. This sounds really good - although I would've thouh Sandow would also be in the stable.
  12. Sandow is about to be buried from what I understand; I'm hearing by the end of the year.
  13. lmfao ziggler mad is hilarious. He starts yelling at you with that girly man voice.
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  14. Well that sucks. They had a possible thing when Sandow was apparently attacked by The Shield on Smackdown by Triple H's orders.

    Heck, they could have these disgruntled guys come in for Team Vince if they go for that vs Team Authority after Mania. Extreme Rules feud would steal the spotlight.
  15. I could see all 3 of these guys being apart of the last 10 people in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and they look at each other and they all attack Big Show and shit...... yeah....
  16. Idk if the burial rumors are completely true but Damien has a lot of potential and I've heard Hunter and VKM like him they just don't feel he can make them as much money as other superstars which is the downside of barely having a gimmick.
  18. I became a fan of his in FCW and I really liked his "Colonel Damien Sandow" gimmick when he was teaming with Titus.

    ^ not the greatest gif, but no one took many good clips from FCW when it was around haha
  19. Fuck Sandow, this stable will be the best thing to happen to WWE in years. Please let it happen.
  20. Everyone wants to fuck Sandow we get it.
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