Survivor Series New 5th member of Team Raw

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jon, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. On Raw Kurt Angle had a hard time saying who the 5th member was so Stephanie Mcmahon came out and said do it now then came back after Triple Hs Song played and he came out and said I am the fifth member of Team Raw then Pedigreed Jason Jordan so we are most likely going to see Triple H Vs Kurt Angle at most likely Wrestlemania or before
  2. Had to edit that a bit. Mind the spoilers :bodallas:
  3. Yea that is true I wasn't thinking The hype took over
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    Y'know, the good thing about this is we get to see Triple H mix it up with Shinsuke and Roode. The bad thing about this is we get to see Triple H mix it up with Shinsuke and Roode.
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  5. Thought Bray Wyatt would of been a fine replacement but Triple H is way better
  6. Bray Wyatt is too busy eating....pins....:booker2:

    Seriously though, Triple H I feel was the best possible replacement only for the several possibilities now open down the road, between the eventual face off with Shane during the Survivor Series match itself and what apparently appears to be a set up for Angle vs HHH at Mania...

    I would also not be surprised if Jason Jordan still got involved during the Survivor Series match this Sunday, with him playing the vital role in HHH being eliminated. Maybe this happens, leads to a Jordan/HHH match in the near future, Hunter destroys Jordan (literally, sledge hammer and all) and that's practically your icing on the cake for the HHH/Angle match at Wrestlemania....

    ...and if the plan then is for Angle to go over and get his "revenge" for his son, then post match you could have Jason Jordan come out seeminly to celebrate with his father...only to turn on him....

    There...booked Jason Jordan's best chance to reach the next level in five minutes....
    Not to steal Adam's (miss him btw) line it better :excellent:
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  7. I've yet to watch highlights of the show, but Trips is great, they couldn't have found a better replacement.