New A double shirt.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's one of the nicest shirts I've seen in wrestling tbh and him getting some merch can't be a bad thing. Hopefully it sells well and TNA see the potential money in this guy.

    Link to TNA shop
  2. Great t-shirt, one of the best in TNA in couple of years now, I'd say. Will try to buy one, since I haven't bought anything wrestling related in two-three years.
  3. Cool shirt, shame there is no bigger backprint.
  4. God... all their shirts look the same. Stop with the Tapout/UFC style shirts.
  5. This.

    The hashtag sort of ruins it too, but it's a nice style.
  6. IS SUCK! IT TNA! I though I click on a new WWE Shit be more sersous next time!
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