New announce team and some notes from last nights tapings

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Good to see them finding something to do with Riley. His commentary work on Superstars is good so he'll probably flow better with Tom than Maddox.

    Understandable that they had a lot of top roster guys on site considering the opening of the center. September tapings are bound to not be as main roster crowded.

    And that match sounds to die for :fap:

  2. So looking forward to Cesaro/Zayn now. :gusta:

    And Riley on Superstars was alright calling matches, will be good, although I'm still unsure why he isn't being pushed as, you know, a wrestler.
  3. I've given up on Riley being pushed as a wrestler. That ship has sailed. If he applies himself and goes all in for this, which he seems to be doing he could be a real good commentator for the WWE.
  4. Yeah, I just don't understand it still. I understand them pulling the plug on his push back then due to him being unsafe, but he must have evolved a lot and even if he's not ME material he could be a good midcarder. Not arguing your point, just saying that it really does my head in.
  5. Riley should work well. his dad was a sports broadcaster and now does a morning radio show so he was likely brought up around the business to a degree. Plus he majored in communication at Boston U (Hey, Riley and I have something in common!).
  6. Yeah, I'm sure he'll do well, I watched the last Superstars episode just to see how he was and for someone who has just started he's pretty good (when I say just started I mean actively on calling wrestling), he'll be alright.
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