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  1. You can find it at the bottom of this page.

    This starts from now so all previous posts and such in there are not counted. Clean slate.

    Hope this encourages some more activity in that section.
  2. Interesting, very interesting.
  3. JoeRulz get's this automatically.
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  4. I post a good amount of news there when I can :boss1: that award will be mine soon....maybe.
  5. Won't be getting this one, that's for sure.
  6. Good idea. I also think JoeRulz should instantly be given that award lol
  7. Yeah. Joe for first ever holder. It's only right
  8. "Other Wrestling" -- so that doesn't include TNA, right?
    Sweet, I can go back to trying to post news from time to time if I don't keep getting beat to the punch.
  9. Ooh, and it's just for being generally active.... :yay:
  10. Joe is a shoe in it's obvious lol.

    And yeah it's anything other than WWE or TNA who are both active enough now to have their own sections.
  11. I watch R.O.H from time to time, and I like to read up on other indie promotions. I'll try to be active.
  12. I had already noticed Stop trying to make threads to keep that section active, which is cool.

    if we could start posting shows for people to watch it would probably increase activity a ton, but I'm not sure how that would work like if the forum would get in trouble for allowing it
  13. We can post RoH as it's on YouTube, the others are basically warez links which we can't post publicly.
  14. Figured as much. Unfortunate

    what if we made threads for discussion of certain INdie shows and the OP was like 'hit me up if you would like to watch'

    not discreet enough?
  15. That's fine lol.
  16. But Hoss/Jonathan or another uploader could upload them. If possible?
  17. Would TNA's other promotion, not Ring Ka King but the racecar one count as independent?
  18. I'm definitely going to get into RoH, so I might as well start now. I'll check it out before watching some of the more obscure ones.
  19. Stop posting that Sami dude link to me was sick, im down to get involved there.
  20. Does celebrity deathmatch count :haha:
    otherwise i'll never win this
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