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  1. I've noticed that there has been less and less activity over the last while and that was especially evident during last night's Raw LD. Seeing the decrease, I say it's time we go out and get some new blood around here. Some ways this can be done are...

    Facebook: Works well generally to send private messages to decent wrestling fans because you can pick and choose. There's all these pages such as PWW, PWFN, etc. so it should be child's play to get people from there

    Twitter: Used it a few times and it might have worked but no way of knowing.

    Poaching Members: We would be like Vince taking out the territories, but in fairness poaching might be too strong of a word. Besides, there's nothing to stop people from posting on more than one forum.

    Wrestling News Site: That would be an excellent idea if we could find some decent wrestling news sites to ask who don't have a forum that would bother mentioning us
  2. Maybe it's because the site is down every PPV.
  3. We have too many visitors, that's the problem. The site keeps crashing as a result. The last thing we need is more people.
  4. Well, one of the pluses to merging with Watch was the promised influx of new members, so if they aren't seeing the word 'Forum" near the top and bothering to click on it and sign up to become active members, then perhaps someone needs to go post in the comment section of one (or more) of the videos on Watch Wrestling and personally invite them to join the forum.

    Then again, people do have lives outside of the interweb, especially considering what month it is and with college and whatnot, etc.
  5. We'll become our own news site. I am planning this now.
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