New Breeze song

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 29, 2014.

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  1. Based Breeze strikes
  2. that is a really dank intro for him.
  3. Sounds good, there's a car alarm sounding atm but I'll be sure to watch it later
  4. The only reason this is a good intro for Breeze IMO is because it's essentially that song #SELFIE (which Tyler Breeze popped up in haha) and that is perfect for his gimmick. I will say it's better than the few others he's had so far.
  5. The fact that he sings it makes it 500xs better, but it'd be perfect if they had used his old beat for it in my opinion.
  6. I prefer his old one, but this one just makes me crack up. I need to watch NXT Takeover. I'll do it later today. Zayn vs Breeze sounds really good. Breeze is the GOAT. I just can't deny his beauty shot... he's everything I'm not. :jericho:
  7. I love this new theme. It's so perfect for him.
  8. Breeze is entering HBK levels of epicness and he hasn't even hit the majors yet. He's got it all. The look, the promos, the entrance, and most importantly he can flat out go. He's a student of Lance Storm. Lance doesn't fuck around.
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  9. This gimmick won't get him anywhere on the main roster.
  10. ^Maybe in a John Morrison sort of role.
  11. No one else is being currently cuckolded by Batista, so there isn't really a John Morrison sort of guy around right now.
  12. Looking at next year's Royal Rumble winner right here.
  13. Him presenting this on NXT was amazing.
  14. Bet on it? Sig/avatar/username/title for a month that he wins a midcard belt by the end of 2014.
  15. lmao since when is winning a mid card belt getting somewhere
  16. Earlier Today.
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  17. I understand @Dolph'sZiggler, you are scared of losing an easy bet. He might not even make the main roster this year, it's me taking the risk.

    Go cuddle yourself in your Zack Morris sweater buddy, I'd hate to see me one up you yet again.
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  18. Both Breeze and Fandango's gimmicks are similar... To me, those two look like a bad copy of John Morrison. I can somehow deal with Breeze 'cause he's actually good in the ring, but with Fandango... Nuh-uh!
  19. John Morrison sucks. Fandango, Breeze (from what I've seen) > > >
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