New Bunny Feud?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. Ok, so it looks like this rumored storyline where the Bunny feuds with Slater Gator and is later revealed to be Darren Young may have been nixed. At least that's the conclusion I get from last week's Smackdown. It seems they are going to go with a "the rabbit is over-shining Adam Rose and causes Rose to turn heel" angle - which I really like the idea of. I mean, Adam is supposed to be this happy go lucky party type, but now one of his entourage is getting more attention then him and his mean side is coming out. One can only hope for the Leo Kruger inside to come back lol.

    Of course there is still the issue of who is in the bunny suit. Changing the storyline from it being Darren Young leaves a giant opening for someone such as Sami Zayn to make his debut on the main roster when the bunny is unmasked. Adam Rose may not be the ideal debut opponent, but I don't think it would hurt Zayn's popularity he has already established.

    Any thoughts? I know most of you could care less though.
  2. Possibly the dumbest reason for turning heel ever - jealousy over a guy/gal in a bunny suit.
  3. Is it really any worse then the Tyson Kidd/Natalya storyline currently going on in conjunction with Total Divas?
  4. I haven't even been keeping up with that.
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  5. If we had a 'lucky' rating here I would use it on that one
  6. This. Is. Bullshit.
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  7. If he turns into Kruger it's fine. I'll laugh at the preposterosity
  8. What a perfect way to reintroduce the poacher gimmick by making Rose hunt a bunny.:jeritroll:
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