News New Cena shirt out to rustle Jimmies

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. This is the way his character should go. Permanently troll his haters. Would be wonderful.
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  2. Isn't that where they've been going for a while? He seems to be overly cheesey deliberately at times now.
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  3. This Cena has been entertaining as hell cause he has defo been trolling for a while imo.
  4. If I ever find one I will be force to buy it. I love me a good troll.
  5. I find Cena's constant winking at the IWC to be nauseating. Fuck off mate. We're supposed to excuse his shitty character because once every 10th promo he makes a reference that OMG ONLY US SMART MARKS CAN UNDERSTAND !
  6. I can't hate him for that. I swear to God last year he repeated something I said online word for word in one of his promos. OK, maybe it was just around 10 words, but it was VERBATIM, dammit, and I can't help but think in my selfish little brain that it was a nod of the head to me and me alone.
  7. I don't hate him, really, but I've already gotten past the point of frustration with his terrible character. Him taking shots at 'internet fans' from time to time doesn't really add much depth to his smiley cheese dick face character
  8. Yeah, I get that. I may not be a big Cena fan myself, but I do enjoy a good jimmy rustling, and a shirt like this completely represents that.
  9. I don't think he does it to try and rustle jimmies. I think he does it to try and get some acceptance from the 'internet haters' by doing stuff like this.
  10. I think that's fucking great.
  11. Really? I don't think he does it for acceptance. I look at it more of as him just acknowledging that he has his haters and he knows they are there. And he could care fuck all, because WWE has made him rich. And as far as jimmy rustling goes, I am referring more to the IWC smarks who get bent out of shape because he is who he is. It is because of people like that I don't post in the wrestling sections of another Pro Wrestling forum I am a member of.
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