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    :yay: :yes: :obama:

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  2. Teriffic news, so glad for Okato. :yes:
  3. :yes: I love Tana but still :yes:
  4. Just saw a pic of Sakruaba's injury from the same event. Looked brutal.
  5. Yeah just read about that landed on his head from a suplex didn't he?
  6. Yup. And injured his shoulder doing it.

    Anyways, who do you think will finally dehtrone Okada once his reigns is done?
    His first opponent is Suzuki :fapt: worthy match right there.
  7. I'd love Machine Gun / Devitt to take it off him but that's unlikely. Nakumura would be a good shout IMO.
  8. I'm thinking a returning Naito some time after his return.
  9. Okada will keep the title for over a year.
  10. Don't be so sure Test. Naito will be back in about five-six months and while Okada is their next big heel, Naito is their next big babyface apparent. Having Naito dethrone Okada after a strong six month or so reign seems likely in my book. Okada will definitely have a longer reign than last time, but I don't think it will be a year+.
  11. Possible. Tokyo Dome on January 4th 2014 seems the best option for Naito winning it. Still, 9 month reign, pretty damn awesome.
  12. Yup. Will be a much longer and probably much better reign than his first one. Okada vs Suzuki will be a good first match for him as champ.
  13. Finally, thanks. But it won't start playing for me for some reason.:upset:

    I'll just download it then.

    And @Shabang , one note. Don't spoil the results in the thread title anymore, cuz some might get upset over waiting to watch it online or download it from torrents. Just put the NJPW event results from now on, please. Thanks.
  14. Yeah it did that to me, you just have to drag the bar along for a bit then it randomly starts. It's like :cornette: took over youtube with the random fuckery required.
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