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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Shadow, Jan 8, 2015.

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  2. Well, there's one thing I won't need to complain about while watching RAW.
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  3. RAW commentary team is alright, I guess. With Booker T and JBL there, I'm gonna be able to withstand the cheesiness of Cole.

    SD commentary team is piss poor as is the show itself. lol
  4. Booker F'n T!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased about this. It may actually encourage me to start watching again.
  6. RAW's good and watchable most of the time, with some bad segments here and there.

    Don't get your hopes up about SmackDown, though. It's a lost cause.
  7. I don't bother with SD anyway and the fact that Lawler and Byron Saxton are on that team only gives me another reason to stay away. Lawler leaving Raw is amazing news though.
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  8. Can't argue with this.

    If you're thinking about watching it regularly once again... Go and watch last week's episode of RAW, it was great.
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    Oh my goodness... What a legend.
  13. I'm so excited right now.
  14. I get that Lawler is still a human being with feelings and morals and everything, but I have been hoping for at least 2 years that he/Cole would get off of Raw. This is a good move by WWE. Plus, Book-man is back on commentary, bay-bay!

  15. I actually enjoy Byron Saxton, don't ask me why.
  16. Even though they didn't mention anything about NXT, I wish Renee Young would stay away from the announce table. She's a much better interviewer. Her technique in color commentary is irritating to say the least.
  17. This is so gooood! YES! YES! YES!

    I find Booker T to be so funny and interesting; he also probably won't bury any talents and seems to try to sell the moves in the ring to make them look even more ferocious. Good move!
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  18. Booker is a really good commentator, true. He sounds so excited for the shows (which the announcers are supposed to do, these idiots).
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  19. God damn no, this is horrible, Booker fucking sucks at commentary; horrible move.
  20. You find him to be worse than Lawler?
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