New commentary teams!!!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, Jul 21, 2016.

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  2. No king? I dont hate it tbh. Will have to see if I like it..:burns:
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  3. Not a fan either.

    JBL is awful and IDGAF about Otunga. Would've preferred if they kept King on SD, tbh. He's more bearable than JBL, and Otunga's never done anything for me.

    As for RAW, happy for Graves, can't say I'm happy about the other two. We're getting the same old stuff anyway, Vince yelling in everyone's ear and micromanaging everything.

    But, we'll see, I guess.
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  5. tbh I wanted Renee Young on Smackdown to replace Otunga. She probably would be better there than David Otunga.
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  6. I dunno. I heard her on NXT, and she's not that good at commentary. Great for interviews and doing the pre-show stuff, but not actual commentary.
  7. She would still be better than David Otunga. Plus #WomensRevolution and stuff like that
  8. Good point about the "revolution," but I've never heard Otunga on commentary, so I wouldn't know.
  9. I'm just glad Saxton isnt on 2 shows now
  10. Looks like Corey and Mauro gonna be carrying 2 people each
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