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  1. Many users have requested yet another competition, so we'll do it for the last week before Wrestlemania. Winner will be announced after the first RAW of Wrestlemania.

    How do you check how you're doing? Well you go here. and click Leaderboard. I'll put up a header link soon
    so it's much easier for you.

    What do you win this time?

    Well, non-upgraded users will get an upgrade to Superstar (or Legend if you're approved).

    All superstars are eligible for Legend this week, so you'll be upgraded to Legend if you win it.

    Legends obviously can't win an upgrade, but they'll win the other two prizes (so do Superstars and Regular members), a nice image beside your name and a custom username style just for you (which you can PM me to change if you want). Screenshot below.


    The other prize is the competition award which you can see here:

    I've reduced the amounts of points you get for each post etc now, I've made them all much smaller because when people get in the thousands it can get quite confusing and awkward.

    Please post any problems/questions/feedback here. Thank you.
  2. :gusta:

    This one will be hard. Make more new points for thread so it'll encourage the contestants to make more threads.
  3. It also encourages a buttload of useless stuff clogging up the place
  4. That's the point. :otunga:
  5. I'll make it 0.30 for a new thread.
  6. Don't worry we have two competent staff (Me and Crayo) to clear things up. There is always someone to monitor what Xanth is doing also.
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  7. So much win.
  8. Also, legends should have to choose one of the two prizes. Either the colored name w/ image or the award. Don't wanna give away all the prizes at once. :otunga:
  9. Thought I should reply to up my points tally.
  10. Maybe i can win
  11. @[CmPunk]

    I have reset your points to zero. Don't make fake referrals to cheat, we have a system which finds those who do that. Earn it by posting new threads/replies mate.
  12. Ummm You Have No Idea that My Wife Signed Up :SMH:

    Also My Brother Made an acc wich we all live togther same ip so idk how its cheating but ok
  13. Oh shit I hope tomorrow's YouTube uploads will get more referrals. 5 points is considered a lot now.
  14. So your wife signed up as Big Show and stayed on for 9 seconds, and your brother signed up as Jonny Ace? Come on...
  15. Crayo you dont know who signed up st my house i told them to sign up and they did but ill take my resent dosent really matter
  16. I apologise if you're telling the truth. I'll make a rule for this contest saying family referrals don't count, that way it avoids confusion :emoji_slight_smile:.
  17. Should point out I'm not in this so it's legends, superstars, uploaders and regular's only.
  18. Same here. I dislike that color.
  19. Now we have to face all the stupid spam in the Wrestling sections not to mention @[CMPunk] being one of the few already spamming for points.

    I could have made the predictions thread now but I guess it is too late.
  20. Crayo wants more activity on the site, not give out upgrades for random guesses.

    Don't worry, spam is fine and it'll be controlled if needed.
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