New contract for Brock?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. If they do this, I hope they use him more often than they did the past year.
  2. It would be kind of ironic if Taker end up dying in the ring.
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  3. Taker should have called it quits last year. 20-0 is a nice number to end on and the match felt like it should have been finished, it would have been a great note for Taker to retire on. As far as Brock Lesnar goes, if they don't have him beating Triple H at WM 29 I don't see the point in having him around for another year. I think Lesnar vs Sheamus might be a good match because they're both very brutal in the ring and it would be a good way to put over Sheamus and this push will actually work unlike the things Sheamus has already won.
  4. Come on Brock sign that new contract and make me happy I wanna see more of you kicking ass like the old days
  5. :yes:
  6. Brock you need to sign that contract.
  7. Would be great to have Lesnar re-signing the contract, as long as they don't waste him on two of the guys out of the entire roster who DON'T need to work with him throughout the entire year.
  8. The only time I will ever agree with BLFFL
  9. Taker/Brock is a lock, IMO. For when, I don't know, but Vince knows it's a money match, and it's gonna happen, even if we had to wait until WM 30. But of course, there's always Mr. SHOVEL to hurt Lesnar's drawing abilities to some degree in the meantime.
  10. Brock needs to be built up a little more. I say have him beat Cena on his way to Undertaker, even kick out of the Attitude Adjustment, that way he'll try to recover more of his steam that he lost when he lost to Cena on his return. Lesnar vs Undertaker is something I can see coming, they have great history, great drawing, and The Undertaker's streak is on the line, I'm honestly wanting to see the promos between the two.
  11. :george:
  12. Of course I'm expecting Heyman for Lesnar though :pity1:
  13. Vince, please keep in mind that the crew here at WWEForums is here for you.
    We'll happily perform at ANY pay-per-view and do plenty of Raws (albeit not very well), and all 20 of us can split one simple million, easily.
    Make the right business decision. Just click the "Donate" button at the top of the page instead of blowing another 5 mil on Lesnar.
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  14. I wouldn't mind seeing lesnar around a bit longer, I agree that if he does stay they should find a way to use him more than 3 times. Taker vs lesnar sounds interesting but if they are already shelling out that kind of money I'd rather see lesnar vs Goldberg but done right this time
  15. I don't see why he wouldn't sign for longer? Do you guys know if he is up to anything else outside of WWE? I know his MMA career is on halt if not over, correct? I could be way off.
  16. Farrain tag team champions? :yes:
  17. Brock breaking cena's arm....
  18. If he is signing a new contract, then I don't see HHH/Brock happening again at WM..

    It will be stupid as hell to make Brock lose to H if he is staying.
  19. Well, they did feed him to Cena in his first match back after two moves.
  20. Re: RE: New contract for Brock?

    It could be motivation for him to stay, he loses to triple h then decides to stay to avenge his loss or something
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