New Daniel Bryan Shirt, Mock of Cena's

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Just take my money, Just take it!

    :yay: Danielson
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  2. This shirt would fit well on all of us manly men with beards (like myself.)
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  3. lol is this a real thing?
  4. Aids should buy me this shirt

  5. pix or lying

  6. In due time.
  7. This is great.
  8. lol'd at the Yes! + Yes! = YES!

  9. :mog:
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  10. I love it! I hated Cena's cocky champ shirt so I enjoy this one greatly.
  11. And I just shaved, well shit.
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  12. This is epic. Although his older "Respect the Beard" shirt needs to stay on TV.
  13. I've been wondering for awhile if you were aware that shirt is a reference to his old, vintage shirt he use to have:


  14. Nope I had no idea! Thanks for sharing that :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. This shirt is fucking horrible looking, but the meaning behind it is awesome. I can't grow a beard so I will not be sporting this.
  16. This isn't meant to offend but my mate was saying with all the allegations of homosexual sports stars atm if WWE ever got a gay champ they could adapt the Cena shirt to "the champ is queer" and have the rainbow flag instead of the belt. Again we weren't being offensive we see it as a supportive but amusing way to be proud of the fact.
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  17. Would definitely buy that ahahaha
  18. The shirt is so awesome. I loved when he presented it, it was so awesome :yay:
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