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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Sep 12, 2016.

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  1. Long time WWF fan here retruning after a long hiatus. I watched backlash a few hours ago (not quite live).

    And I have also been watching the Attitude Era, currently in January 1999.

    My wrestling watching was sporadic between 1997-1999, one of the last things I remember was the WCW fingerpoke of doom and I missed all of the ruthless aggression era.

    For me Backlash knocked it out of the park. I enjoyed every match, the right person I felt won, and overall I have enjoyed the WWE main events this year, Backlash may have been the best one.

    WWE has found their guy for a new era as well. Obvious thing is obvious AJ Styles Mr TNA. The Roman Reigns experiment is over and I expect a few retirements in the next year or 2 (Cena, Undertaker, Big Show, Kane).

    I have only seen a grand total of 1 John Cena match so I had a neutral opinion on him much like Reigns as I have not had both of them shoved down my throat as I have only started watching wrestling again in July. Every now and then you see a match you might remember for the rest of your life and I thing Cena and AJ pulled that off at Summerslam. A few other matches I have remembered to this day.

    Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior WM VI.
    Taker vs Taker (more for the gimmick)
    HBK vs Razor Ramon ladder match WM X
    Stone Cold vs Bret Hart (passes out)
    Bret Hart vs HBK 1 hour+match (boring).

    Anyway my opinion of Cena went up, he put over Styles and that was a great match.

    Another interesting thing was my memories of Kanes debut and currently watching 1999 AE vs Kane 2016. Kane is probably one of my favourite wrestlers of all time, I kind of like the Big Red Machine. Him and Undertaker in a double retirement match WM 33 or 34 would be a nice finish for the Brothers of Destruction IMHO.

    Womens wrestling. Actually enjoying this more than the AE womens wrestling, did not like sable back in the day still do not like her. In several events they have stolen the show almost perhaps earning match of the night or close to it. The women can actually wrestle and its almost like an entire stable of The Rockers since they generally do not do the big power moves.

    In ring the talent now is better than the AE IMHO (overall). The main problem I see is they do not have a Rock/Stone Cold/Hogan type figure or even a HBK/Bret/Kane/Undertaker/Mankind type figure except for AJ and Dean seems to be getting up there as well. Debut to champ in 9 months is very fast by WWE standards although Ric Flair did it faster.

    Maybe with triple H and NXT doing well by most accounts has influenced VInce in the look he gives his champions- Ambrose, Styles, Kevin Owens as champs. The Miz is also great as a heel and I expect him to break the record for length of time on the IC title. The IC title is also very similar to the one from the 80's as worn by the Ultimate Warrior. The new belts generally look like ass I am partial to the Big Gold Belt from the NWA/WCW days in terms of what a belt should look like along with the 80's and 90's WWF titles.

    Actually optimistic about wrestling now and enjoying the modern stuff and AE era. Not sure I want to watch month old RAW and Smackdown though as I am watching the main events.

    Ironically this is also the 1st time I have managed to follow the wrestling feuds in their entirety thanks to the WWE network. Back in the day WWF was not always on or you would miss some of the smaller PPV's as one could often only get the big 4 events and the occasional in your house events with no chronology to follow.
  2. I wouldn't count on AJ being the guy for the new era, at least not long term. He's 39 years old, the same as Cena. And has worked longer than him. His body is probably starting to feel it. He'll be around for 1-2 years before he himself starts winding it down
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    Yea zardnaar this is the time to get back into WWE if you fell off the band wagon The talent is better as far as ring work is concerned the overall character development could be better (their are no stone colds or Rock's walking around at this time) but the product is getting better overall I suggest watching a few previous Raw and smack down episodes just to get the feel for every thing so you can understand the few storylines that are going on.....also I would watch The CWC cruiserweight classics tournament (#Great wrestling) If you didn't know RAW will have a cruiserweight division that will be exclusive to RAW only (check out Kota Ibushi vs cedrick alexander or Johhny wrestling vs chiampa) and all the matches in the final round But for Raw and smackdown the people to watch are WWE Universal Champ Kevin Owens, seth rollins, cesaro, sami zayn, The beast Lesnar when he is there + the entire women's division and for smackdown all the women, American alpha, aj styles, bray wyatt, randy orton, just to name a few I think they should bring back Kane as a huge monster character to fight bray wyatt in a dark feud.....But yea buddy you missed a whole lot CM punk, aj lee, Daniel bryan, both Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels ( My opinion the best match ever) WM matches, Sting stepping into a WWE ring for the first time and wrestling a match, Brock beating the streak!!! too much to name!
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    I have seen HBK vs Undertaker retirement match and Sting vs HHH on youtube but it lacks a bit of context/storyline. I was reading wikipedia and other sources over the years and thought why read it when I can watch it? I knew who most of the major players were, just did not see to many matches.

    I read about RAW ratings tanking and Reigns being awful but it was not that bad and better than say WWF in 1995 or so. Booking and creative could be better.

    AJ may not be around to long hence the rocket strapped to his back but Stone Cold at his height was only 3 years (1998-2001).
  5. Yea man that build up for Taker/Michaels was crazy and Roman was terrible but he has gotten better overtime However I don't want to see him as champion or anything esp no time soon I'm with #KOMANIA and Stlyes on smackdown both guy's that deserve to be champ right not
  6. I have only seen a few Roman matches at the 2016 main events. He didn't seem that bad to me but he did not feel like "The Guy" so to speak and he has some charisma at least. I liked him better than say Lex Luger 1993 which at the time seemed a bit odd (I did not know about Hogan leaving or WCW etc).
  7. I real
    Did you see the invasion storyline when Vince bought WCW (Well shane bought it)
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    No I have read about it in seen some segments of the last Nitro/Raw simulcast. I did not see the decline of WCW as such as the last plots I remember was the fingerpoke of doom and red and white factions of the NWO. I did not see any wrestling at all from sometime in 1999 through to 2007 or so when I saw Stone Cold put the stunner on Santino Marelia or whatever his name was when he was trash talking Steve about the Condemned movie, that is when I started reading stuff on wikipedia. Mostly about the starts of my youth/teenage years- HBK, Undertaker, Bret etc.

    Wikipedia and youtube brought me back I suppose with the whatculture and wrestling with wregret youtube channels.

    In NZ wrestling always felt a bit disjointed, in the late 80s we had free to air Superstars of Wrestling but it was 6 months out of date and a 1 hour show, I think the main events were free as I watched WM IV through XIII on TV or VHS in the mid 90's. Wrestling also went of air more than once and changed channels IIRC. Mid 90's I was using VHS to watch it so missed the TV build ups, WCW I could follow the weekly storylines but did not get to see their main events which was opposite to WWF.

    I did not know the behind the scenes stuff or what was going on. Initially I thought WCW was a NWA/WWF hybrid as it had Sting, Flair, Razor Ramon, Diesel, Hogan, Machoman, and 123 Kid on it. I figured out they were competing with the WWF due to things like Bischoff challenging Vince to a fight and Nacho Man promos on WWF VHS.
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