New Era. New logos

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 22, 2016.

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  1. With the new era of RAW and Smackdown, comes new show logos. I present to you, said logos.

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  2. I don't like either of those. :boom:
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  3. The red is really nice, though.
  4. They're both kinda meh.
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  5. Yeah I'm not that impressed by either.
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    I don't like either one, but maybe they'll grown me.
  7. Change is nice. Maybe with the logos there will also be changes to trons/arena layouts etc?
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  8. I like them. RAW is really bland, but maybe it's a change in atmosphere and feel. SmackDown is better than I remembered it being.

    I'm just glad that it was changed. This is the first complete overhaul for the Raw logo since 2002, and the first SmackDown overhaul since 2001. Hopefully we get separate sets and colored ropes back.
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  9. Looks like they were made in MS Paint. :meh:
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  10. Someone on my twitter timeline described the RAW one perfectly.
    It looks like it belongs to some non chain burger joint
  11. The RAW logo strongly resembles to old RAW Magazine logo.

  12. the resemblance is canny. Well spotted
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  13. Oh, yes, please!
  14. RAW one looks old school imo.
    Also why SmackDown Live!? Why not just SmackDown? smh
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  15. New branding. Likely just a marketing idea, to get the word out. I expect it to be changed in a year or two.
  16. I knew about the SmackDown one as it got leaked on Raw the other week, but I don't care enough about either logo to complain.
  17. Smackdown looks fine
    The "W" in Raw makes it look goofy. It's just an upside M
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  18. Nice n' simple. I fuck with it.
  19. Hmmm Raw looks nostalgic, Smackdown is officially being branded as Smackdown live huh? but you know, I'm not fucking with them... The others were perfect, there wasn't need for change yet.

    But hey? Maybe we'll get those different sets now.
  20. The Raw one looks like letters sewn onto a shirt.
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