New faces or heels - Which does WWE need the most?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 22, 2013.

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  1. Pretty self explanatory title, which of the two moral alignments do you feel that the WWE needs the most right now, new faces or heels?

    I'm a bit torn. I feel like the company needs both right now but they are also setting up some new ones. The Shield being prime examples of new heels being developed for quite some time and Cesaro and Sandow seem to be used better the last couple of weeks. Not to mention the on coming Wyatt family.

    The WWE also needs new faces. But like with the new heels we are also seeing some new faces being developed in Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. Punk I could also count in as a new face considering the long heel run he went on last year. But I'm gonna have to go with faces as what WWE needs the most right now. There always seems to be new villains, but we need a stronger arsenal of faces to put against the bad guys.

    Ladies and gentlemen, discuss!
  2. Both. But WWE means both as Main Eventers. What will happen if Cena will injure for a long time? They need to have a another huge babyface, yeah maybe CM Punk but I don't think Punk would like to be Cena style but he has potential. Also D-Bryan and Sheamus are the alternatives. D-Bryan has the crowd now, also kids like him, he is so over now, with this YES/NO thing he improved a lot on mic in 1.5 year. Also Sheamus. Yeah Irish Cena, but the kids love him. Also Ziggler. Last year at Summerslam he had huge cheer for him.

    And heels... WWE needs a top heel for sure. I mean Mark Henry is the top heel now for sure. Shield is not ready for ME spot yet. But there are some choices again. Let's look at Orton. A great heel for sure. We saw that twice in the history. Legend Killer and The Viper. I am a fan of both but he can't be legend killer anymore, too old for that so I think heel Orton should be back. He needs to be top heel and deserves it. He is better on mic as a heel and as a face, he is so boring on mic that he sends me to sleep. Big Show won't work. I believe Barrett can be a top heel as well, has great potential. A true heel but looks like WWE won't make him a main eventer.
  3. Definitely heels because John Cena can never run through too many of them, he'll always need a new batch. WWE may even have to eventually get in touch with Ultron and convince him to compete against John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania one year.

    Seriously though, there needs to be a fine balance between the two but I'll go with baby faces because I think it's always better to have more faces than heels since face/face matches and rivalries can be pulled off much better than heel/heel ones can, if it has to come to that.

    Just look at the current championship situation - with the exception of John Cena (who is the most hated top baby face in WWE history), every title holder currently is a heel. Del Rio is probably losing soon to Ziggler, but Curtis Axel has the Intercontinental Championship and likely will hold onto it for awhile since they're pushing him as the new client that Paul Heyman is grooming as the next big thing (heh.) He'll need plenty of opponents to run through. The Shield have the United States and Tag Team Championships and I don't see them giving those belts up anytime soon, so there needs to be new faces willing to step up and challenge them for the belts. AJ is the brand new Diva's Champion and if they play it like I think they should (AJ runs through every Diva on the roster, all who are lined up to take her down, but then a new Diva called up from NXT - Paige? - steps to her and takes her belt at Wrestlemania XXX), she should have the title for a long time.

    Then there's the Wyatt Family, who'll be debuting soon. There's three more people that fan favorites will have to do battle with. There's Caesro, who just got Zeb Coulter as a manager and thus looks to be getting a renewed push of sorts, so he'll need plenty of opponents.

    Being that heels are such a huge important factor for the company right now, I'd say WWE needs all the faces it can get.
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  4. WWE can't book a face to save their lives. This needs to change, hopefully starting with the continued solid booking of Face-Ziggler.
  5. Looking at the face lineup right now, it's big-drawing Cena, Punk who's always getting pops, Ziggler who's sympathetic, Orton who everyone inexplicably loves, and Bryan who's ridiculously over. Surprisingly a good lineup of faces at the moment outside of Sheamus. They are really lacking depth though, outside of Christian they don't have a real mid-card babyface, it's either main eventer/upper mid-carder who never loses and then alllll the way down to the jobbers. (Well, forgot about Miz. But so does everyone else.). Kinda worries me that there are so many strong babyfaces though, seems certain that many of these guys will get lost in the shuffle when they don't deserve it. :emoji_slight_frown:

    The heel lineup has plenty of talent but can't really showcase it. The title feuds are fine with Henry and ADR who should at least do fine for this feud, but there's nobody behind them ready to jump up to the main event scene apart from the Shield. Then there's plenty of guys down there (Langston, Barrett, Rhodes) who have the potential to be something great but we don't have any reason to believe they will be, as well as the curious case of Curtis Axel who seems to be getting the slow build up the card now that his fluke wins got the stench of McGillicutty off of him. As Lockard said Cena needs a new contender, maybe we can revisit Sheamus, Orton, or ADR soon or just put the belt on Ratings (PLEASE)

    So I'll go with C: Better booking of both sides, but things are improving in that regard *fingers crossed*. There's plenty of talent (and in a sense variety) to play with.
  6. The two faces that needs to be cemented right now are Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler. They are completely over with the crowd right now, Daniel can get a :yes: chant easily going now, and Ziggler is really over now with the face turn. He can get the crowd going and can be a great face considering how he is booked, he just needs to get more clean wins now.

    Heels we do not need. The Wyatt family, Zeb's 'Murrica, the Shield, Sandow, Rhodes, there are just enough now, that we need more faces. Jericho can work as a face too, put over some of these heels before he leaves, just to solidify them. I think Ohno should also come to the roster as a face, and maybe just a feud with Cesaro to work off the whole Kings of Wrestling thing since they have worked with each other plenty of times.
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