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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Deluxe, Jul 1, 2015.

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  1. Hello folks. New to the site and had a question. Maybe it's a dumb one, I don't know. Anyway when I was a kid I watched WWF (back when that's what it was called) religiously. Undertaker was a pretty big part of it then. Well 10 years or so have passed since I stopped watching. Did the whole job and family thing, ya know. I started watching again a couple months ago for lack of anything better to do and I was wondering, how often does the undertaker make an appearance on televised events anymore? I don't subscribe to the WWE network. I don't do PPV. I just want to see the Deadman I loved back in the day. I have yet to see him show up on smackdown or raw yet. Any ideas?
  2. Only around Mania season.
  3. Damn. Thanks for the reply.
  4. The rumored match for WrestleMania 32 is Taker vs Sting, it might as well be their retirement match.
    So yeah, plug in during the WM season if you wanna see the Deadman.
  5. That could be cool. Thanks.
  6. No problem.

    Hope you stick around the forums.
  7. I'm sure I will. I'll have plenty more wonderings about the shows since I haven't watched in so long. Imagine my surprise when I saw TripleH with short hair and a suit!
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  8. Yeah, HHH isn't an active wrestler now.

    He is Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events & Creative. Although he does wrestle for big events like SummerSlam and Mania, mostly at Mania.
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  9. He works the Santa Claus schedule right now.
  10. I'll ppost this here now. Posted in the wrong thread before lol.

    Whats up Deluxe, I have recently gone through the same type of thing. Stopped watching around 2005 due to being a teenager and losing interest. Re discovered wwe the same week as wrestle mania 31.
    I too was shocked at how much it has changed.
    One thing I've nnoticed, it seemslike the same matches every week. And ppv re matches 10 mminutesafter the other ppv match.

    Feuds are short lived and there's more focus on the same handful of people.
    All that being said, I do enjoy the ppv for the most part. And really that's the only time a decent match happens. During raw it seems there is a lot of disqualification. Probably to avoid injury before the ppv.
    Like ryback vs big show. setup for battle ground the day after mitb.
    so they had a match 2 weeks ago miz was ringside and then interfered and ended the match. made battle ground a triple threat. The next week same thing he was ringside and annoying then got involved.

    Like come on two crap matches just to make sure people know they have one coming up at the next ppv.
    Anyways i have a lot to say about the product and lack of build up and heart and the writing. I'll just leave it there.

    abd the roster. I counted the roster from 2005 abd there was approximately 90+.
    now its around 50. Big difference In a decade
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