New Gang Ritual

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. So this is a huge thing going on in major cities with gangs. Big time in NY but spreading into other major cities. I guess they are all black gangs (younger ones) and what they do is randomly yell out "Knockout" and one will run up and attempt to knock someone out. If he fails, another one tries. Here is the kicker.. They only target non-blacks. So they go after male, female, old, young, and any race other than their own. They have been reported hitting older women (70's) and kids as young as 6. BUT they only do it to people that are alone. So if you live in/near a major city in American, I recommend getting a concealed weapon license if you plan on walking alone. If you aren't old enough... I wouldn't risk solo adventures.

    Thoughts? Discuss.
  2. My thoughts are that I'm not surprised you created this thread.
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  3. This stuff doesn't really happen in Canada, so I'm kinda glad I live here. Always here stupid games that go on in America. A couple of years ago it was suffocate yourself or something.
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  4. Wow, people are just fucking stupid. Can't believe this, what the fuck is wrong with people? They're lucky I don't live there. They try to hassle the hoff, and they would soon regret that decision
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  5. If like 20 young dudes rushed you I doubt you could take them. :pity:
  6. Yeah my old neighbors son died doing that. He was 12 years old.
  7. You clearly don't know what the hoff's capable of bro
  8. #RacistBritaStrikesAgain
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. What's wrong with a little racism bro? NOTHING
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  11. LOL'd

    I can name about 100 things wrong with it. :pity:
  12. Btw, thanks for the new awesome avatar :yes:
  13. Striking black people that is.
  14. start with 10
  15. please do, start naming some things. Enlighten the hoff bro
  16. It seems like 'a case of adolescents'. This is the age to experiment, take unnecessary risks, and feel like they know better than any adult could possibly tell them. I don't think this will stop at gangs either and I imagine this could become a big fad for some kids out there. Hopefully parents will be proactive and talk to their kids about this (regardless of gender and cultural background).
  17. Since Britta can't name 10 things, it's kinda obvious that there isn't anything wrong with a little racism. But it depends on how you present it.
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  18. Wow, that's messed up. Hitting elders I mean, teens are one thing but to clock someone who's about 60 or so is just stupid.
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  19. fcking reporting you for copyright infringement.
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  20. 1.) Starts unnecessary wars/battles.
    2.) Divides communities.
    3.) Media becomes biased.
    4.) Something that is okay to do/say is "okay" for one group, not the other causing MORE division between people.
    5.) Teaches the youth to judge based on appearance.
    6.) Stereotyping of the worst kind comes into play.
    7.) Effects state/government (voting becomes based on appearance)
    8.) Unnecessary deaths, rapes & robberies.
    9.) Impacts the world as a whole with trade, commerce and supply and demand value.
    10.) Religion (need I say more) *Most religions are divided by race/appearance/action*

    This goes for ALL racism, not just the kind geared toward blacks. Remember after 9/11? Every Arab in the US was looked down on. Blacks single out whites and Puerto Ricans every day and get away with it without it being called racism when it actually is. Asians, Japanese, Chinese... All deemed with stereotypes of religion, sight visibility and job status. Mexicans are deemed as "job stealers" and "poor". I can go on and on and let not forget, Race on Race racism, because it happens every single day. I witnessed it quite a few times. Half black half anything else get singled out by large numbers of blacks. This is a huge problem rarely discussed in society. White women are looked down on for dating black men by white men... Black men are looked down on for dating white women by black women. It is all sick. I joke around about it but it honestly sickens me when people judge each other based on the color of their skin or where their heritage is. I am a firm believer that no one is in the right to judge anyone else as we are all evil in one way or another. Whether in action, thought or whatever. No one is perfect
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