New Gimmicks?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. Who do you think is in need of a new gimmick? And what would a better gimmick be for that wrestler?

    I think Zach Ryder should change his gimmick. I would love to see him turn heel. Kinda stay with the whole jersey shore thing but be a jerk dude instead. No more "woo woo woo" and no more of that take care spike your hair crap. Lose the glasses and the head band, get a little tanner and put on some tights and be an ass kicker!
  2. You mean like Robbie E?

    Santino needs to be heel!
  3. Kingston,Barrett,Zack,Bryan(yeah don't hate me),Cena(...),April.... Etc
  4. Daniel Bryan needs to change his gimmick. GrammarNazi told me at house shows he does things he did in ROH. The "I have until 5" and other stuff would be cool to see.
  5. Someone needs to redo William Regal's man's man gimmick. Throw it on Derrick Bateman and launch him into the midcard.
  6. make john cena a heel
  7. John Cena is obviously on the top of the list...
    I say HHH & Orton needs to turn Heel, CM Punk needs to be a tweener, Brodus Clay and Tensai needs a Gimmick change also..

    Kofi, Zack, Santino, AJ and Kane.
    Big Show also needs to change his Gimmick......into becoming a retired previous WWE Superstar.
  8. Genius. I'd mark for that big time.
  9. So you want him to act like me?
  10. Sheamus. He really needs to create a stable of warriors. Maybe that Connor guy from NXT, and Titus O' Neil, and just be the badass Celtic Warrior he was in ECW.
  11. WOW kinda forgot about Sheamus, he obviously needs it, I like your idea by the way, but again that means he will have to turn heel, which won't be happening :sad:
  12. I dunno, now that ADR is face, he could turn heel and ADR take ove as top face of smackdown.
  13. :yes: :dawg:
  14. i would like to see randy orton turn heel.
    he is awesome when he is heel (the mcmahon storyline was epic)
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