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  1. I went with the template, because coming up with a cool, sassy intro is too hard to do when I'm tired.

    Name: Ashli-Louise, but just Ashli or Li will do.

    Age: 20

    Favourite Superstar & Why: Of all time? William Regal, because of his impressive talent and passion for the business. Currently? Dolph Ziggler, for pretty much the same reasons, and also, because he's pretty (and I'm aware that isn't a valid reason). Other favourites include Del Rio, Kendrick, Yoshi Tatsu, The Miz, The Great Muta, Tajiri, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Ashley Reed and Derrick Bateman.

    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: About 11 years.

    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE for the most part, but I have soft spots for RQW and ROH.

    How did you find the site? On Twitter.

    Will I be active here: As active as I can be while having a job, doing my final year at university and training to be a wrestler haha.
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  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum Ashli-Louise, I like your favourite selection of wrestlers. Once again welcome.
  3. Welcome and you're welcome!
  4. Welcome to WWEFOURMS :pity:
  5. Welcome to the forum, Li! :emoji_slight_smile: Hope you'll enjoy your time here during the free time you do have and become an active member! Lots of Ziggler fans here, so you'll have that in common. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  6. Welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile:. That's an impressive list of favourite superstars there, Regal is freaking awesome.

    Hope you decide to stick around.
  7. Crayo is self-proclaimed almighty around here, be aware. He knows this shit.
  8. Regal fan. :isee: Welcome to the forum.
  9. Thanks everyone :emoji_slight_smile:
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  10. A girl? Pics or it didnt happen! :boss1:

    Welcome to the forum :yay: william regal is awesome :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  11. :sandow::sandow::sandow:
  12. Welcome to Hell =)

    I mean....




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  13. I'm not sure what the picture rules are in threads, but if it's cool for me to get my imagery on, I shall haha.

    And Regal is indeed awesome.
  14. You're harassing Li!

    Welcome to the forums! Ziggler and Regal are gods here so... I think you'll fit! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Welcome to the #WFGals department, too! You can message me if any problems arises! :emoji_wink:)

    It's OK to fangirl about looks here! It's not 100% about wrestling!
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  15. Welcome to the forums!

    Keep us updated on your wrestling training, if you will! :emoji_slight_smile:

  16. I'd be delighted to do so :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Shibby! :ryan:
  18. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll have a nice time around here.
  19. Welcome to the DAMN forums. Nice wrestling list :otunga: Hope you have a DAMN good time here.
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