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  1. Immediately Following RWK Democracy Rules

    We cut backstage to see Jessica Calhoun chasing down Frankie Highwood, Maria Stafford, and Joseph Diamond in the parking lot. Just as the three begin to step into the same rental car. Calhoun gets their attention

    Jessica Calhoun: Joseph, Frankie, care to explain your actions out there?

    Frankie and Maria are the first to acknowledge the interviewer’s presence.

    Frankie Highwood: Explain our actions? We just went out there and put on the most intense match in RWK history. There was action, drama, tears were shed. Most importantly, though, everybody is talking about the outcome of Frankie Highwood versus Joseph Diamond. Ten years from now, when people look back on tonight, the only thing they are going to remember is what Frankie Highwood and Joseph Diamond did. Nobody’s going to remember Ryan Vendetta jumping some nobody. Nobody’s going to care about Al Blizzard being carried to a victory. They won’t be talking about the bitter hatred Nick and Spawn had for each other. None of that will matter. All that people will be talking about is the statement that Frankie Highwood and Joseph Diamond made.

    Jessica Calhoun: But don’t you guys think that the Royal Wrestling Kingdom needs some clarity on this situation?

    This time, it’s Joseph Diamond who turns to acknowledge the small interviewer. Her face reflects in his expensive shades, which he’s wearing despite it being 11:00 at night.

    Joseph Diamond: Not really, I don’t think it needs explanation. The people got what they deserved, that was the hardest fought match I’ve had in RWK and if those people aren’t happy with it, then they can deal with it.

    As Diamond turns his attention back to the rental car, Jessica looks toward Frankie and Maria.

    Jessica Calhoun: So what’s next for you two, specifically? You’ve put Tyler Quintana in the hospital and now have taken part in a very controversial scandal. With such a bold resume, where do you go from here?

    Maria Stafford: Where we go from here is nobody’s business but our own. Frankie and Joey know what they’re doing in the ring, and they know what they’re doing behind the scenes. We’ve already talked our way out of an unnecessary suspension after Frankie beat Tyler Quintana fair and square.

    Jessica Calhoun: You viciously attacked him and severely concussed him-

    Maria Stafford: To each his own. The point is, we have a pull in RWK, now. The pedigree we’ve left is tremendous, and it’s only going to get larger as the days go by.

    Jessica, not wanting to antagonize Maria Stafford anymore, turns her attention back to Joseph Diamond, who stands there impatiently.

    Jessica Calhoun: Are you three aligned now, what exactly is this partnership?

    Annoyed with the meaningless questions, Joey D takes off the very needed shades and rubs his eyes. He looks down at Calhoun.

    Joseph Diamond: I’m the biggest thing out of Canada until Quebec separates. Frankie Highwood and Maria are a pair who I can identify with. Frankie is a man who I look to and think that he gets what I’m trying to do here. He, like me, sees RWK for what it is. Wasted potential. Tonight, in front of a crowd of people who were once my peers, my equals, I, along with Frankie Highwood and Maria, made a statement. We won’t be used like puppets on a string, we will not let our fates be put into the hands of the people who wish they could be where we are. This show is called Democracy Rules, but we have just proven that when you have two kings and a queen in a company, it’s not about Democracy. It certainly isn’t about anarchy. It’s about the monarchy, it’s about those who sit atop the throne. It’s all about Frankie, Maria and me, me, Maria and Frankie and nobody is going to be able to keep us back.

    Since we got backstage, what, 20 minutes ago?

    Jessica Calhoun: It’s been about a half hour

    Joseph Diamond: Thirty minutes and the outcry of people screaming farce has been outrageous. They said we made a mockery out of the stipulation, the fans, and by extension RWK. I would say this event is a farce, it goes against the ideology that this company was founded on. This company is meant to represent wrestling royalty. Well, the only royalty you’ll find in this company is right in front of you.

    More or less.

    Jessica Calhoun: What do you mean, more or less?

    Joseph Diamond: You didn’t really think it was just the three of us, did you?

    Diamond, Frankie, and Maria begin to laugh, almost breaking into hysterics. Calhoun isn’t sure how to react, so she just stands there, awaiting a quotable response. Finally, Frankie manages to control his laughter enough to formulate a response.

    Frankie Highwood: In due time, everything will just “click” together. All in due time.

    With that, the three simultaneously get into the rental car, Diamond in the front seat, Frankie and Maria in the back. The car speeds off rather recklessly as the video ends.

    -End Segment-
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