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  1. Wow the map is 5x as big as Red dead
  2. :dawg:

    That's not new news, buddy. :smug-47: They've only confirmed all the confirmed facts we got months ago.
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  3. We already have a thread for GTA V news?
  4. Can't find the older thread. :sad:
  5. Did you try just searching 'GTA'?
  6. Hopefully it's not a step-down like GTA 4 was. Words can't describe how disappointed I was when I went from San Andreas to GTA 4. Bring back all the fun cheats, Rockstar.
  7. I hope this game is worth the 60 bucks.
  8. If you don't include Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, then sure, but I don't get why everyone thinks GTA 4 is such a step down to San Andreas. I've played both aggressively and both of them have such a different feel from the other, but both are equally entertaining all the same.
  9. Oh, it definitely is. The game has so much more than all the other GTA's. I can already picture myself having absolutely no life after its release, lol.
  10. Jesus fuck. I forgot how expensive games are nowadays :downer:

    Probably going wait some months before getting this. No way am I spend that much on a game. :okay:
  11. Doesn't come out until September so you have plenty of time. :smug-47:

    I've just been putting $5 every month to my pre-order.
  12. Nah, I mean like wait some months after it comes out once it's cheaper :3

    But nice, that's actually a really good idea. Might do the same :obama: <3
  13. GTA 4 is good, but imo not as good because of the lack of fun cheats. It gave San Andreas lots of replay value. GTA 4's story mode is better, but after you've completed it there's not much to do. They also took out police bikes from GTA 4.
  14. ooooh, yeah, that's what i usually do with games too, except for the ones im specifically addicted to, one being the GTA series. :dawg: The last time i bought a game at full release price was Skyrim
  15. Haha, nice. I'm not a huge gamer, so I can wait a bit without going crazy. But I might put aside 10 bucks or so whenever I can and buy it once it cums out :obama:
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  16. I still haven't gotten the Walking Dead game yet... lmao Gotta get GTA V, B-man Arkham Origins, WWE2k14, Madden 14.... And they all come out right around the same time!!!! :angry: :upset:
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  18. ...Tis true. :tyson:
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  19. No cheats?


    I'm pretty sure this scene isn't anywhere in the actual game. :dawg:

    Also, they're not selling GTA V on PC, lol...
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