News New Heyman guy possibly revealed tonight

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lady Deathbane, May 20, 2013.

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    I know some of you have been talking about that it would make sense for Heyman to introduce a new client around this time after ER and before Punk returns. I wonder who could it be. :hmm:
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  3. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. We posted about the same subject just now. :dawg:
  5. Merged the threads into one.
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  6. Fantastic. I hope it's someone shocking. Maybe an Ohno, or a Wyatt. Or hell, why not Cesaro?
  7. Why would Wyatt need Heyman as a manager?

    My money is on Ohno being brought up or Cesaro signing on with Heyman. Cesaro with Heyman in his corner would be a star.
  8. Thanks!

    And is it necessarily have to be someone from NXT? If so, Ohno or Wyatt would seem the most likely right now.
  9. I saw that a second ago, I hope it's somebody that nobody thinks of but works perfectly. As we are in this reality, I doubt that would happen.
  10. Cesaro and Ohno would work brilliantly IMO. Bray Wyatt should be solo, just let him be a creepy bastard on his own.
  11. Wyatt suddenly needs a manager?
  12. Agreed. Ohno would be my #1.

    Since when do you NEED a manager to have one? Punk never needed one, but has had some of his best work with Heyman. It works wonders.
  13. OHNO!!! Must be Ohno, please, be Ohno :please:
  14. I think it would be a brilliant way of introducing someone to the main roster in WWE rather than just taking someone who's already there and throwing them with Heyman. Not being a person who watches NXT though, I can't say who would be the best pick, but I know enough about Wyatt to know it shouldn't be him.
  15. The pairing of Heyman and Wyatt seems so odd to me. Heyman is a sleazy businessman and a slimeball. But Wyatt is a deranged preacher from the south who seems convinced that he is meant to literally eat the world. I have a hard time seeing those characters mesh well. Punk's character is more grounded which makes it more understandable to see him with Heyman. Plus if Wyatt shows up I don't think the family are far behind which will give him two bruisers, or at least just Harper.
  16. I suspect Cesaro, Ryback, or Kofi
  17. Well, no. Not necessarily. But those were the two wrestlers I could think of that have a good opportunity to get pushed now. The third being Corey Graves but considering he commented in the article I posted, I doubt it's him, lol.
  18. If I'm being honest, Heyman can work with anyone. He's that damn good. But I too don't think Wyatt and Heyman is necessary, I was just saying you don't need to need a manager for it to work having one.

    Wyatt needs to be his own leader though definitely. He's too good at that role.
  19. True. I wouldn't gripe if Rowan tagged along if Wyatt and Harper showed up on the main roster. Rowan is by far the greenest but having him with Harper (who is by far the most experienced of the 3) and Wyatt, who are both such good workers from both aspects will cover for him nicely. The family on the main roster and on NXT at the same time could be really good since we could see them in so many different scenarios. Like the suggested stable war on NXT with the Ascension once they have the rumored 3rd member.
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