New Japan star to TNA?

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  2. I doubt it. I saw that tweet and it was a lot of banter between Devitt and Dutt. It is likely just part of Devitt's trashtalker gimmick. He most likely makes more money in NJPW than he would do in TNA as well and is being given a big push right now. I don't see him canceling that to be part of the X-division.
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  3. TNA would not be able to afford him.
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  4. Plus isn't NJPW working with the NWA now? They have NWA guys on NJPW events and vice versa.
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  5. I thought i read somewhere that Kojima is getting a shot at the nwa title agianst Rob Conway? My bad i forgot he already defended it against him
  6. He did challenge Conway at Invasion attack earlier this year. Also KES (Lance Archer and Dave boy smith Jr) are NWA tag champs now.
  7. LOL he is not.

    Devitt is now in a huge push in NJPW, and a harder troll. Plus, he still thinks TNA is in Orlando, and just screws around with Shelley, Dutt and Sabin on twittah machine.

    I'd love to see him, no question about it, but lol. He managed to sucker in a few people for real.
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  8. Yeah it is pretty fun to see him troll people on twitter.
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