News New Japan's Davey Boy Smith Jr. Open to Working with TNA

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  1. New Japan Pro Wrestling star Davey Boy Smith Jr. stated in an interview with Wrestling 101 that he would be open to working with TNA in the future.

    "I could maybe see myself doing some work with TNA in the future. I don’t think I’ll do anything with WWE, but I would definitely be open to do some stuff with TNA. There is a lot of great talent in TNA that I’ve never had the chance to work with and that I would be more interested in working with than WWE guys.

    "I’m not knocking any WWE guys, I’m just saying I’ve never worked with guys like Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus or AJ Styles. I think Bobby Roode is a great talent as well. It’s just more interesting because I’ve not worked with those guys before so TNA is a possibility but WWE I don’t think so."

    I like this guy's work in New Japan and I think he's a great athlete with a lots of potential. Big and tehnically sound dude.
  2. He could be a good addition for the future.
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