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  1. Recently I made the conscious decision to leave the IT world behind. In toledo, all of the good jobs are basically in the automotive industry. Well, I have been hired into the manufacturing/production of Chrysler.

    Holy cow dude, it's quite a process to get hired in

    Background Check
    Education Verification
    Drug Test
    Start Date

    I now work within the biggest Unionized group in the world, and Its one of the most pleasant experiences of my life. There is literally no way you can get fired unless the AUTO industry fails (which it has)

    My education/assessment has me starting out as a Tier 1 worker which is normally reserved for the long term members. They pay me 30 dollars an hour, 5 days a week, 50 hrs total. It's not salary which sucks.

    Can anyone think of a better/more profitable industry to get into? I was convinced it was IT until you basically get maxed around 20 an hr without additional education/certs?

    Has anyone worked for or know someone thats worked in a union?

    Is anyone interested in moving to Toledo or Detroit to join the automotive field?

    Any questions on the assembly of a vehicle?

    Ask away, it's neat
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  2. Over here every line of work is unionized. If you ain't part of the union you're off the proverbial wagon trail.

    I could see the communication business being good to work in. Or working in some form of governmental institution over here. My mom works in the national railway and traffic commission here in Sweden and she has gotten a lot out of that, not to mention being able to advance in rank to the point where she is now one of 3 bosses for their customer support.
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  3. Everywhere in Sweden is unionized? That's phenomenal. I guess since this is my first experience in a Union, I'm just blown away at how much respect you're given. You actually feel like you're being taken care of.
  4. In America they've basically gotten rid of the UA.
  5. I fucking work at Jack in the Box.Getting paid 9 bucks a fuckin' hour. Hell yeah, top gun my brother. Best job ever. Who needs job security? Ain't nobody got time for dat!
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  6. I'm actually shocked at how much of America that isn't unionized. I figured you guys would be on top of that.

    Being part of the union is a big weight off of your shoulders. I for example don't have to negotiate my pay raises unless I want to, the union will take care of the part that I am not guaranteed to get. As well as all the other benefits.
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  7. I worked in a union while I worked as a cashier while I was working at Universal Studios in Hollywood.
    One night I was working with a cute chick, left the booth to leak and came back.
    The next day I was called in, but my union rep was present. It was a legal deal where I could have been canned.

    Long story short, union reps are designed to inform of you of the pros and cons of leaning in direction A or B given a particular legal scenario.
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  8. And so much more
  9. Good luck @Danielson .. I'm working on getting a new job myself, nothing quite like Chrysler but something to keep me occupied until my real jobs which is seasonal comes back into play.
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  10. Hell yeah, good luck Sharp

    Stop, this union thing is a brand new thing to me. Weekly meetings, open suggestions, etc. etc. You feel heard.
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  11. Happy for you, honestly. It can be annoying but that is only for jabronis who don't like their jobs anyway.
    If you're in your 20's, like your job and intend to stay there this is a great route and something you'll probably want to deal with.
  12. My union club elects a board every year that handles the meetings and such because of the way my work is structured (I'm the only guy in my state, so we'd have to travel a lot for all of us to show up for meetings), or we do them over the web. But yeah if I have a query of sorts I can send it to them and they will talk with the bosses.
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  13. Can I get your old job.
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  14. Do you want to deal with people criticizing you just so they get free stuff?
  15. Until I get fired, sure.
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  16. America isn't unionized because although it may help individuals on a lot of levels, it's damaging to industries, cause high crazy taxes for all, and they're very anti-democratic.

    It's very good from an individual perspective and more power to anyone who works for a union. But, personally, I'm not for them and it ultimately can do more harm than good.
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  17. You can't find anything in the IT world? Hmmmmm, I work in IT and I've never really had issues finding work. Then again, not too sure of Toledo's job market, currently.

    That's awesome that you found that job man. Good for you. As of now, I don't know what would beat that pay and benefits....unless you could somehow find something else in IT....

    What did you do?
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    That sounds like the most baffling statement ever. Unions are democratically run for one. I've never been part of a anti-democratic union.

    As for the industry damaging statement, I am just as baffled. Our industry wouldn't be anywhere as high functioning as it is without the unions. The worker needs an even ground with the employer, and that is what the union is supposed to provide, as well as protect the industry's interests. Over here if something happens that threatens a certain industry, it's the union that acts faster than the companies in general.

    As for the high taxes thing, this will become more of a opinion piece: People need to stop being afraid of paying taxes. Taxes are vital to a nation and to our society and way of life as a whole. It's what keeps our societies alive and gives everybody the same opportunity to succeed in life. I happily pay my own taxes because I know that it is money well invested.

    I realize the situation is vastly different between Sweden and the United States. But the idea of an employee or employer not being part of or accepting a union to me is baffling. Like refusing malaria medicine when going to a place where you are going to get malaria.
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  19. Many jobs in Ohio, specifically Toledo have been outsourced. The new McDonalds commercial, there is a sign "keep jobs in Toledo" automotive industry is all we have left in Det/Toledo
  20. lol geesh man.....

    that sucks.
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