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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by wils172, Jul 14, 2013.

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  1. Just curious why DB is shown holding the MITB briefcase? Everyone knows Orton is going to win..
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  2. To be honest I'm confused. RVD is obviously going to win.
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  3. It's obvious that Christian is going to win.
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  4. ^ I though Punk?
  5. Kane will come back halfway during the match and win actually lol
  6. No, Brock Lesnar will kill him.
  7. It's from when he held it on RAW.
  8. Why the hell isn't Sheamus up there? Bunch of morons honestly.
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  9. Please no. Oh god no. :sad:
  10. Just a quick question? Why the metal plate for the "catchphrase"? Looks kinda tacky.
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  11. It looks like a sign hanging in a window, where they're attached. It looks nice actually.
    Thanks for your irrelevant graphics knowledge though :emoji_slight_smile:))
  12. Maddox is winning.
  13. window signs are most often not made of what looks like polished steel. I got what it was supposed to look like. But the polished steel effect is just off if you want a window shop sign look.
  14. Plopspot, the window sign expert.
  15. Logo looks great. Not about who we think is winning or anything either, just that I'm a Bryan mark - as are so many others - and he needs to be there. We needed the MITB briefcase there too.
  16. The choice of Bryan is good, he's arguably the most popular man in the company not named John Cena so both smarks and marks will know who he is.
  18. Alkaline is such a goat. Favorite member for sure
  19. Like I said.. can we get Orton in the header? :umad:
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  20. Called it.
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