New look for Solomon Crowe

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  1. From a house show. His old look was better imo.
  2. lol turrible. He looks like a star wars gigolo
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  3. I like it:bodallas:, bring him on NXT tv already .
  4. Solomon Amore
  5. Looks like he's going to some shitty Goth rave.
    Who was the costume designer for this one?
    Remind me to tell them to shut the doors!
  7. King of my world Jericho meets hacker meets goth. I can dig it. Solomon is a talented enough dude to make it work.
  8. Was happy about the crazy hair look. Kinda disappointed.
  9. Outside of our speculation, is there any info on his actual gimmick?

  10. He worked a hacker gimmick on the house show circuit. Sabotaging lighting and sound and such using a tablet and leaving cryptic messages. But rumor has it that the gimmick is being reworked.
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  11. That's not a bad gimmick idea, but it would need some work before it could be brought in to the WWE (or WWE-Lite), so that's good.

    As to how it works with his look, we'll just have to see. Hopefully, he's able to work well enough that it's not a concern.

  12. From the same house show:

    Seems like the hacker gimmick is still in effect. The house show scene describes it as hacker meets mastermind, which is something I can dig. The hacker part will obviously be dropped down the road but it will help him stand out initially.

    He's probably wearing the top piece since he is cutting weight and is going through the flabby phase. Solomon has always had problems with weight, he started wrestling in the upper 300-pounds scale, so him wearing a shirt while he tones up is logical.

    I'll wait to judge until I see him on TV. And I am a Callihan mark so I am rooting for him.
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  13. It's a nice look imo. Never saw much of him as Sami Callihan so the guy is new to me, looks alright.
  14. That doesn't look very good.
  15. Not a fan of the RVD haircut
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  16. I'm thinking more 90's Shawn Michaels haircut. But yeah it looks a bit Bob-ish
  17. Wait is he in NXT? I been watching steady for some time now, did I just miss him?
  18. Its different I suppose.
  19. The outfit is okay, but the hair is awful.
  20. Dere was dis one time where Solomon Grundy almos' got de Batman, but 'e didn' get 'im. Batman gave 'im de piledriver for de pin. De dirtsheets cried dat Grundy was buried, tabernac.
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