New Man Of Steel Trailer Released Today

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. I loved smallville showing the beginning parts of his life and it seems this movie will do the same.
  2. I am so hyped
  3. Superman > ALL
  4. You watched Smallville? :yay:

    I hardly know anybody who watched it.
  5. Every single season right here
  6. I've seen every episode of smallville. I used to smoke cannabus and that was my favorite thing to do.
  7. They kind of are doing what the dark knight series did as well. In the first movie the main villian isn't his archnemesis. I like that because Zod is beyond worthy to be in the first film. They however will need to tie in Lex Luthor SOMEHOW to wet my whistle
  8. I see Lex being a background character in this one. Mentioned, but not really seen until maybe during the credits as a teaser.
  9. Wouldn't mind that ^
  10. Been so disappointed with recent Superman reboots this best be amazing as im losing hope that like hulk this franchise is doomed.
  11. looks good. Heard The Flash is also being worked on. and then the DC Universe movie.

    haven't watched the latest season but yah good show. He should be the actor for Man of Steel cuz I'm used to seeing him as Clark Kent/Superman. :otunga:
  12. Granted I've never really liked Superman to begin with, but still not impressed by what I've seen from this movie. The only thing that's in this trailer or the teaser that's made me consider going to see this is Christopher Nolan's name.
  13. Yeah the fact its Nolan convinces me they will finally get Superman right.
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