WrestleMania New mania poster

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  1. [​IMG]
    From indemand.

    Bray looks confused.
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  2. "We got four singles matches locked in so far, so whack them all on the poster."

  3. There's no problem with that, i mean all the headline matches are on the poster! first glance it looks awesome until you notice Batista is the #1 contender for the title.....
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  4. I honestly am surprised Hogan's not on there.

    Not saying I would put him on there, just that I'm surprised he's not.

  5. :aries:It ain't that bad.....
  6. looks like a TNA poster. poor job poor effort.
  7. [​IMG] vs [​IMG]

    Who's looks better?
  8. I'll take option C
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    [​IMG] ?
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  10. Vicious and delicious are the most underrated tag team of the nineties :happy:
  11. [​IMG] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[​IMG]

    Nuh Uh, Senhor! That title belongs to the American Males and the 2000's goes to The Dicks!
  12. That poster is nice, until you realise that they put Triple H at the front instead of Bryan. Triple H is gonna beat the #YesMovement at 'mania...
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  13. We can only hope! Only one man to beat the vanilla midget worshippers into submission!

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  14. Typical Wrestlemania poster. Nothing special, just highlighting all the major players. Hulk Hogan should definitely be on it somewhere in the middle, though.
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  15. They should go retro and do a drawing like the did for Mania 1 and for the 1991-1993 Rumble's.
  16. Hawt.

  17. [​IMG]

    Truly the worst Mania Poster EVWAH!