Extreme Rules New Match Added To WWE Extreme Rules PPV; Updated Line-up

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  1. I think these matches are good in my opinion, they will probably be adding more. You thoughts?
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  2. John Cena will probably win the Last Man Standing match.
    Ziggler will win (dont know whats happening since Ziggler has a concussion at the mo, people are speculating that he might not be cleared but i dont believe that)
    Dont care about Trips vs Brock
    Either Sheamus will win or they pull a surprise and Mark Henry wins.
    Dont care for Orton vs Big Show.
    They have yet to announce a IC title match or a US title match or even a Tag Team one.
    I would see IC Title : Wade Barrett vs the Miz, US title: Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro and the Shield vs Team Hell no for the Tag team belts.
    Thats my thoughts
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  3. There's something to the gimmicks selling themselves.

    Strap Matches are virtually impossible to make good, although these two may be the perfect guys to do it with. With the two strong men trying to drag each other around the ring you can get an interesting story out of it. In any logical universe this is either not the blow-off to this "feud" or this is a glorified #1 Contenders Match, whoever wins this match should get a little bit of momentum going. Hope they don't waste it.

    But that's the odd thing. If Mark Henry wins, then that should mean he'd get a title shot, right? Well then Cena will have to retain. Sure, there's a great chance we'll get a dirty finish involving the Shield so Ryback would be kinda protected, but still... Ryback's lost all momentum and he's really dying in front of crowds, he's really gotta win that belt and become a serious monster heel to have a chance at repairing his image, going from "the guy who destroys people 3-on-1" to this wimp is quite jarring, and he hasn't won a PPV Match since MITB. So much for the Goldberg chants. But the match seemed at first like it would be another "Cena overcomes obvious Shield interference" mess again, but the LMS Stipulation makes the finish more unpredictable and enjoyable... plus, lets not let these two EVER have a singles match. God that would be bad.

    Does anyone remember the Triple-Threat IC Title Match from... um, I believe it was TLC 2010? The one with Kofi and Swagger on top of the ladder, grabbing the belt, then they dropped it and Ziggler ran in the ring to grab it and win? Replay that and replace Kofi with Del Rio. Ziggler's a paper champion with no credibility, man, really sucks for that guy.

    Ratings Killer Orton vs The World's Largest Bottle of Somnapure, really is there any point discussing this one? Again, if the winner goes on to enter the WHC scene it should be interesting, but this just seems like filler otherwise. These two have put on plenty of fine hardcore matches before so the quality should be there.

    HHH vs Lesnar, you know how I feel by now, but the Steel Cage element is interesting because so many of the brutal spots we've seen were out of the ring. This match will be much different than previous encounters, so that's nice.

    As a standalone PPV it should be very good, as with most Extreme Rules shows.
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  4. It should be a good PPV but we still dont know whats happening with the other belts. I doubt they could be a U.S title match unless they do a major surprise and put the U.S title and the Tag Team titles up together in a Winner takes all match.
    And we dont know who Barrett will face for the IC title, i believe the No 1 contender right now is Justin Gabriel since he won that battle royal on Main Event a few weeks ago but the Miz is due to return, so something could happen between Miz, Barrett and Gabriel but who knows. BTW has anyone noticed they havent been plugging a Pre show for this event yet??? I know they have signed to Yahoo but i would have thought they would have done 1 last Pre show on Youtube before they went over to Yahoo
  5. This is a pathetic line up, Not even Y2J Vs Fandango. I usually buy PPVs but this doesnt deserve a buy, Just gonna watch a stream for this one. The main event will suck balls, HHH Vs Brock might be good. The ladder match ehh, We will wait and see. Show Vs Orton and Sheamus Vs Henry will be re-named bathroom and eating breaks.
  6. Yeah it looks like Kofi's getting thrown into the Shield match. Winner take all is a nice concept (how long has it been since we've had one?) but the Shield getting stuck with those belts sounds awful. Any suggestions on the stipulation? For some reason falls count anywhere sounds pretty awesome.

    Gabriel got his match right after he won the battle royal on Main Event, so there's an opening for Miz or someone else. Doesn't Miz have a rematch?
  7. yeah he did but he fought Barrett for the IC title on the whole Euro tour and people have said it was a good match, techinally Gabriel is still the No 1 contender and Miz is due to return on Raw next week but i think its too late to set something up for the IC title match.
  8. Well it's never too late, they announce stuff like that at the last minute all the time.
  9. This is the first ppv in a while i might just skip altogether.
  10. I'm actually pretty excited for this PPV. Card isn't bad at all.
  11. It is a interesting card and i will watch the PPV, should be a fun night
  12. I have to agree it's a solid card. There isn't a match announced yet that isn't sure to be entertaining in some way.
  13. Yet I see people hating on this. I don't get it. Even the Brock/HHH match has me more excited than their Wrestlemania one, because of the stipulation and the seemingly high possibility of Shield getting involved in some form. HHH going over cleanly with nothing else happening seems improbable for me for some reason. I strongly believe Henry will go over Sheamus. I'm scared of Ryback just losing cleanly - again - but even that match I'm pretty excited for. Ziggler's match promises to be great. The Shield's match promises to be great too.
  14. Assume the hate's more about the build and so many stale characters being involved and not even thinking about the card itself.

    "An optimist is always disappointed, but a pessimist is pleasantly surprised"... yeah, the one time that quote's relevant.
  15. I don't even think the build has been bad. I didn't like Ryback going heel but the Cena/Ryback feud is at least something different that we haven't seen before and that's why I'm enjoying watching it. The Shield has been cast in the main spotlight for the past several weeks, getting wins over everyone including the Undertaker in a big time tag team match (and ending Raw at least like three times) and it looks like it's about to all culminate with them capturing gold for the first time. Triple H/Brock hasn't had much build because it doesn't need it (the match is only happening again because they want star power on the show to make up for Rock no longer being able to wrestle) but Lesnar destroying 3MB and especially Triple H's office was still awesome all the same.

    Everything else has been pretty standard or ordinary but that's usually almost always the case with the less important matches. Didn't like Ziggler jobbing to Swagger, that pissed me off.
  16. Well, looking at Orton/Show I'd normally cringe but at least it'll be a no DQ match so it won't be that bad.
  17. Bork HHH is about all i care about. I know that ziggy will win, and for that i'm pumped, but there isnt much else i am interested in. Supercena will win, Orton never got the turn like i wanted to see, and Sheamus is shit vs people like DB, i expect nothing but garbage from his match vs Henry. If everyone i want to win does, i suppose i will watch to enjoy the build, but that is it.

    Nothing extraordinary.
  18. Pretty much this and what Aids' said in his last post. I'm trying not to actually hate on it or anything, but I did honestly forget the PPV was this Sunday. Granted, it's been a busy month for me, but I should still be aware and mindful of when a PPV is. I wasn't. I'm just really not pumped or excited for this particular one or any of the matches announced. ER is usually a pretty good PPV, but I can't seem to get excited for it this year. WM was such a huge letdown in itself that now I'm just kinda' "meh." I literally give 0 fucks about the Cena match. I'm not one of those fans who gets all excited over HHH / Brock, so I only care about that match a little bit. I'll enjoy seeing Henry and Ziggler in action, though the matches themselves seem less than stellar on paper, and I do hope for something from The Shield.

    I'll still try to watch what I can of the PPV via a stream when I get back home Sunday night, and I will hope to be pleasantly surprised by some decent matches. I'm just not holding my breath nor am I pumped ahead of time for the PPV.
  19. Two questions:

    1.) Why?
    2.) You buy, or your parents buy?
  20. 1. Better quality since my internet is shit.
    2. I buy because I have a job
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