News New members of the Wyatt Family?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Star Lord, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Interesting, More members would be good and make then more of a stable and less of Harper and Rowan being managed by Wyatt.
  2. They were part of the package, yes, but will be stunned if they are part of the group. Really isn't necessary.
  3. Imo its necessary, They are doing nothing in NXT and this would give them something and make the group better overall.
  4. Don't see why it's necessary, the act's working fine. Dylan's part of this intriguing-in-an-odd-sort-of-way tag.
    They can add Bayley if they want, eh on that
  5. Well, I can see how that would help Garrett and Bayley but I don't think it's necessary for the Family.
  6. The family are fine as they are.

  7. So because they're doing nothing in the developmental territory they should be given spots on the main roster?

    Guess guys performing every NXT like Ohno, Graves and Neville are doing it wrong and should just go on a complete hiatus until the 'e decides to call them up.
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  8. Lmao, they're pushing Bayley? I figured they released her already. :pity:

    I'm not sure whether adding to the family is a good thing or not. We'll see. :notsure:
  9. With WWE usually lacking intelligence when booking, I can imagine them crumbling under the pressure of booking the Wyatt family if they have more than 3 members, same with The Shield.
  10. They are doing something in NXT. They just debuted on TV last week after a reworking and in the coming weeks will actually side with the Wyatt family without fully joining the stable.
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