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Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Jan 11, 2013.

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  1. Any new group/artist worth listening to?
    I am very picky with music and 95% of the music past 2005 sounds bad to me.
  3. Muse, trust me, if you like bands like Queen or Zeppelin, you'll love them.
  4. :maybe: I don't really care for Queen or Zeppelin.
  5. :dafuq: :dawg:
  6. You don't like it? My bad
  7. :shock: :eww: :angry: :sad:
  8. Imagine Dragons
  9. I just read the lyrics. LOL :dawg:
  10. What kind of music is it?
  11. lmfao it's about a player for the mets. That's why I linked it. I don't know of any cool new music, sorry.
  12. STOP YELLING AT ME! :angry:

  13. Ohhhhh! LOL I don't watch baseball. :smug:
  14. That fact that someone cannot like at least one of those bands is literally making my brain implode.
  15. :angry:
  16. STOP YELLING AT ME!!!! :angry:

  17. I was born in 1988... So I kinda missed the 80's music.
  18. I was born in 84, most of the music I listen to was recorded well before I was born. ZEP was in the 70s btw. Give them a chance will you please?
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