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  2. Bro. Why you posting fake links bro? That link leads to WWE's 404 page FYI
  3. Huh oh fuck sorry hang on
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  5. It's always done that for WZ, just update the OP when another source reports it.
  6. Since when? I never noticed this happening before. Like the whole site is coming up as WWE's own.
  7. Told Solidus about it when I used to post the SD spoilers. WrestleZone usually posted them first, but I had to wait until another source posted them.
  8. :hmm: well he will know it is still happening I guess. Not sure if it is something that can be changed since he already knew about it and it is still happening. He gets home soon, I am sure he will sort it out later.
  9. I think WWE is going to buy the TNA likeness and tape library, leaving the corporate entity for Billy to do with, what he wants.
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  10. Yeah "TNA" will effectively become a WWE Network feature/footage needed to build their stars. Corgan will start a new promotion and hopefully make it half decent.
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