New NWA Movie

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jeremy123, Mar 20, 2015.

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  1. Gangsta Rap is one of the worst things to happen within the black community. The glorification of Gangsta life has led countless impressionable black youth to a cell, or worse, a grave. And now these faggots are being celebrated as trail blazers. Public Enemy was a REAL fucking rap group.

    What do you think of them making this movie? What do you think of NWA & Gangsta Rap? What do you think of the whole Gangsta Rap movement?


  2. Firstly there's a discussion about this movie already..
    Secondly why all the hate against NWA?..
    Thirdly .. really you're really impressed more by Public Enemy than NWA? I don't think you are tbh.. Gangsta Rap movement is such a weird thing to refer to.
    Lastly... TROLLLLLLL :letroll:
  3. N.W.A. is the best group in history man and I like Eazy-E so much ! I think that Gangsta Rap is cool and if you go to prison only for listening to music, you're an idiot. BTW should we listen to Justin Bieber or what? ;D