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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by HeatherSays, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. I don't like the new WWE opening video thing as much as the old one. >< The old one had all the guys catch phrases and fun stuff. Not a huge deal but wondering what you guys thought about it. :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I agree, I think the new one is pretty dull to be honest, the other one used to get me pumped for a show.
  3. I agree it just has no oomph
  4. Exactly. It's boring. I used to say the catch phrases along with the new one like a nerd but it got me excited for the show.
  5. Yeah this new one really sucks. The other one gets people excited!
  6. The new one is much cleaner and works better than the old one if you ask me. The opening company vignette is not supposed to get you pumped up. The show intro itself should.
  7. Yeah, I preferred the old one.
  8. :gtfo:

    lol just kidding. No, I hear ya but I like both making me pumped up haha
  9. The Raw opening serves no purpose in getting anyone pumped up, the old one was necessary. At live Raws, you don't see the RAW opening. You only see the official opening. And that's what fires up a crowd when the show first starts.
  10. I like the new one better.
    Show Spoiler
    until TNA puts you out that is
  11. The old one was so much better, whenever I heard it I would start marking out.
  12. there's a new one? link pls!
  13. Vince its before the show opening. Now, Forever? that clip
  14. I prefer the old one but I guess they like changes to be made once in a while as the other one was getting old, I must say.

  15. I dont notice these changes lol. Anyone have a link?
  17. i dont like :emoji_slight_frown: old one was better
  18. Indeed it was.

  19. how did this even get accepted :upset:
  20. It's an okay video, I'm sure they could have done better, but it's still nice. It does have people, old and new on it, and it looks clean and slick as the logo comes out, and throughout the whole video. I do miss the old one though, it was nice to see old moments, more faces of the past, people talking, some move, and even other stuff. I would like the old one more then the current one just because it's better to me because of everything in it. I don't mind the new one though, it's pretty good, not really anything special, just straight to the point that WWE is important and it's been through years of many wrestlers and changes, and it still continues to entertain the people of the world today as they always have done, currently doing, and in their eyes, will forever do.
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