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  1. A backstage segment flashes up on the titantron in the middle of Precision with Will and Rhys, now the tag team "The last heroes". Will is watching the triple threat match that Antonio is competing in on a monitor.

    Rhys: Hey buddy, I just found out we got into the money in the bank ladder match. Its gonna be us vs the world! Well.. the two others in the ring in the match... Anyway, you better get ready. Whoever else gets picked for this match are gonna try to tear us apart. I hope you know how to use a ladder. *Rhys laughs and gives Will a friendly punch in the arm before walking away*

    Rhys: Hey, will. Anything can and will happen in this match. If we both climb that ladder together and that golden breifcase is hanging infront of me and you... *Rhys stays silent for a second* Lets just say what happens in the ring, will stay in the ring. Good luck.

    *Rhys now walks away for real this time not looking back at Will. This golden opportunity that is locked away in a breifcase in the middle of the ring hanging from a rope... is all he wants.*

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