New Orleans Pelicans?!?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Now that the New Orleans Hornets have been officially eliminated from playoff contention, they've announced that they're changing to the Pelicans.


    What a horrible name. At least pick a crocodile or something else native to the Bayou. A pelican? :notamused:
  2. Yeah horrible
  3. dis shit mad old yo
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  4. Also crocodiles are not native to Louisiana.
  5. Me and my friend Jerry are the biggest Pelicans fans, we're waiting to get jerseys and such. If they get Trey Burke in the draft we're going to pee ourselves.
  6. Don't think it'll unseat the Oregon Ducks for "worst major sports team name".

    Know a few people from Charlotte and apparently there's more New Orleans Hornets fans than Bobcats fans over there. They really want their name back to win over the fans... but still. Pelicans?
  7. All about the UC Santa Barbara Banana Slugs!
  8. never mind lol
  9. Here's the Louisiana flag to shed light on their name change:
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  10. That can't be real, it looks like it was made with MS paint by Gohan.

  11. Best Post In This Thread ^
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  12. Pelicans > Golden State
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