New Paul Heyman guy?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. The official NXT Twitter page tease the possibility of Paul Heyman looking for a new prospect following the aftermath of turning on CM Punk at Sunday's Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

    "After turning on CMPunk at #MITB last night, @HeymanHustle may need a new 'guy.' Which NXT prospect should Paul look to represent?"
  2. Kassius ohno
  3. I'd love to see another Paul Heyman emerge. He's a great manager and getting another unknown would be a nice way to introduce them in a dramatic way to the WWE.
  4. Bo "The GOAT" Dallas
  5. Ohno would be a great choice.
  6. He should pick Bob Van Ham and make him look a bit interesting, even if it's an impossible mission.
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  7. I know it sounds crazy but perhaps Heyman may want to manage a tag team e.g. The Acension

    Not sure how it work with their gimmick though.
  8. For those interested he did show up on the latest NXT tapings looking for a new client. But he didn't interact with anyone on the NXT roster.
  9. I figured that could be a thing after he dumped Punk. Would be awesome if he got a new client.
  10. It should be a Paul Heyman Girl…… Natalya.

    Left to rot with Kahli, forced to go on total divas just to get on tv but now with the help of Paul Heyman gunning to be taken seriously and wipe the floor with all other divas on route to the divas championship.
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  12. Pretty sure Fat Ohno was the intended client. And still might be if he hits the treadmill.
  13. yea yea yea, but does anyone else really want Booker T back on commentary?

    Remember that time he said 'he just left a skidmark on dat boy!!" Henry/Sheamus
  14. Booker T and JBL on the same commentary theme would be hilarious.
  15. Tito Ortiz, oh wait..
  16. I think it will be bo dallas even though i have only watched one episode of nxt wich was the latest one and i have to say i was quite suprised how good it was ,but if paul heyman gets a new guy does everyone think he will stay on nxt with him for a bit or come straight to WWE?
  17. lol @ Bo. Why the f would Bo Dallas be a Paul Heyman guy?
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  18. Because he seems to be doing well and i think they will pick whoever is doing the best on there to get a paul heyman push.
  19. Bo is not doing the best on NXT. I can name at least 5 guys that should be called up before Bo Dallas.
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