New Paul Heyman Guys

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Heyman is back on WWE TV, but he now has only one client, Brock Lesnar, who works very few shows. Who on the current roster or NXT could benefit from becoming a 'Paul Heyman Guy'? If Lesnar is facing Taker then I doubt Heyman will get a new client until after mania season btw.

    Sheamus? Brodus? Rusev?
  2. I hope they don't rush putting a new client with him, because the last two were trainwrecks/didn't work out well. I'd rather they'd bide their time and find that one guy who fits just right.

    You shouldn't make Heyman guys just to have Heyman guys. Rather it should all click so you get best possible outcome out of it. Like when Heenan added people to his family.
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  3. The idea of being a Paul Heyman guy has lost a lot of credibility. Maybe it's best they don't use it again, not for a while at least. It would be great if they picked the next one organically, but they seem to prefer to avoid the organic approach lately.
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  4. I agree with Laura, being a Paul Heyman guy at this stage doesn't mean as much as it used to. C'mon, do you think someone like Ryback is REALLY considered a Paul Heyman guy outside of the WWE, no way. But if they give it time and approach it correctly, ithe Paul Heyman Guy brand could win people over again.
  5. I'd rather them not use this label anymore really. I guess it could work with someone, but considering the fact that Ryback and Curtis aren't even over, I think they should just keep him with Brock.
  6. He should just finish his managing career with Brock at this point. Unless, somebody huge debuts and has a career like Brock has had.
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  7. For the time being, Heyman should just stick with Brock until someone comes along who seems like they would have great chemistry with Heyman. Just slapping anyone with him won't work seeing as how Curtis Axel and (Heidenrich years ago) were both busts. I didn't find the Ryback pairing bad at all, he was just paired with Heyman at the wrong time, i.e. in the middle of the Punk/Heyman feud when anyone associated with Heyman not named Brock was gonna be jobbing to Punk, and more jobbing was exactly what Ryback didn't need at the time. At any other time, Ryback becoming a Paul Heyman Guy could have actually been beneficial to him.

    Some have suggested before that pairing Heyman up with a Diva could be a good idea, but that's an absolutely terrible suggestion imo. Few people care about the Divas at all and it would be such a waste of Heyman to try and use him to get someone in such an irrelevant division over.

    I'm also against the idea that only someone with sub-par mic skills should be paired with Heyman. I know it worked well with Lesnar (and still does) but Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect were both more than capable of handling things on their own on the mic but it was still a good idea to pair them up with Bobby Heenan. Same goes with Flair when he and Heenan (and Perfect) were together in '92. It's all about finding someone who would click with Heyman perfectly, whether they can talk on their own or not.
  8. If there's someone from NXT that they can use to really thrive as a Paul Heyman Guy, go for it. But honestly, another guy like Axel or Ryback will just kill the idea.
  9. Heyman seems to be now the man who manages new talents and push them to a top midcard role. I think Heyman should manage Lesnar and similar wrestlers to Lesnar who have had a great career or will have a great career.
  10. I am all for the "Heyman guy" thing ending. As others have said, it is no longer a big deal and honestly after the flops he had, it is just a waste of time.
  11. Paul should just stick to Brock as Ryback/Axel failed at being Heyman guys
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