New Photos Of Rey Mysterio Unmasked On WWE Tour In Japan

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Aug 12, 2012.

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  2. He has some hideous tattoos.
  3. A picture of Rey without his mask

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  4. Was that MVP?
  5. Look at that marketable face. He should wrestle without the mask. #WCWLogic
  6. In the second picture? I thought so too lmao.
  7. MVP works in Japan now so it could well be lol.
  8. it is, isn't it?
  9. Of course it's MVP.
  10. He looks so weird lol.
  11. Im surprised Rey is around fan without his mask
  12. Looks okay without his mask, if he is just meeting up with MVP right now since he's in Japan that's pretty cool, if it's an old picture same reaction. Still odd to see him without his mask, but at least he's less recognizable without it on. Cool since he won't have as many people hassling him over stuff like autographs and stuff.
  13. Looks like a little old man,I'd kick his ass
  14. Rey looks fatter than Fat Hardy.
  15. Apparently Mike Chioda just wears WWE gear....
  16. Anyone else notice Shelton Benjamin?
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