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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Matt, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. This forum lacks a simple yet very useful feature. When replying to a thread, an other person could reply before you, and you wouldn't know until you sent your own post. I suggest adding a feature that if this situation occours, will stop the post being posted and will alert the user that a new post has been added since they started composing their message.

    I maked good thread? :yay:
  2. This would be annoying for threads such as live discussions, don't you think?
  3. We were going to add one (one exists), but Saylor makes a good point. Not because it'll annoy people during discussion threads, but because of the load. We're unfortunately a big site with not too much money, so we use shared hosting. A plugin like this sends off queries galore which equals server load. We're already on our last legs here and I don't think we can afford to upgrade to a VPS yet.

    It is something that users would find useful here, but cool features are sacrificed for shared hosting I'm afraid :((

    Though, to end this post on a high, a developer on is developing a notifications system which you all want. You'll get a notification similar to facebook when someone replies to your thread, quotes you in a thread, reps you etc. I'm also going to pay the developer to integrate it with our like system, so you get alerted when and who liked your post (if it's possible).

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  8. You could subscribe to the thread and receive instant notification but it only gives you email notifications.

    You could also copy your post and before you click "Post Reply", refresh the page and see if there are any new replies and then post.

  9. It is indeed a shame that financial difficulties are preventing you from achieving the site you desire, but I assure you that in future, these features will be available to you. The community aspect of this forum is indeed strong, which will only benefit the growth of the website which coincides with ad revenue. Your new idea of allowing users to bet for account upgrades will also increase the amount of money that funds the website. A surplus amount of money will allow you to modify your forum in any way you wish. I assume your main priority would be migrating to another host to boost speed performance?

    I am extremely excited about these new features you mention. Being notified when a user quotes a post of yours is marvellous as the main purpose of a forum is discussion. you will have easier access to people's opinions about the content you have contributed to the website. These new features will create an overall better experience for the user.

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